Subramaniam and Shri S. The influence of varkari sampradaya on the bhajana paddhati and evolution of the katha kalakshepam form in Tamil Nadu could be noted from the late 18th century when the Maratha dynasty ruled in Tanjore. Kartik when they rounded off this item with the same tihai that the vocalist had taken earlier to wind it off. The meditative strains of a pair of perfectly tuned taanpuras set the ideal ambience for the flying start that she gave to her concert with a polished, well packed and aesthetically pleasing rendering of “Shri Vighnaranj Bhaje” in raga Gambhir Naat. This was presented as a Mallari that is sung when the procession of the deity is taken out from the temple. The rasikas enjoyed a brilliant jugalbandi of mridangam and ghatam played respectively by Neyveli R.

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Sampradaya bhajana in Tamil Nadu generally included Tukaram’s abhangs. Her leisurely alapanam unfolded the raga elaborating on each swara successively. She has been rightly quoted by many as the Queen of Abhangs! New Delhiand has contributed a chapter on ‘Kathak’ in Indian Dances. Shlokas from Krishna Karnamrit preceded the immortal “Krishna ni begi nibaro” in Yamuna Kalyani that she sang next.

Her thorough rendition of this piece showed how from Shri S. Kartik when they rounded off this item with the same tihai that the vocalist had taken earlier to wind it off.


Aruna Sairam Song List

Sunday, August 13, Aikya On: Subramaniam and Shri S. Born into a home that not only cherished music but also played host to great musicians and dancers such as M.

Later she had the opportunity to receive guidance from Gurus like A. The Ultimate Metaphor Artemisia Ltd.

Majhe Mano(abhang)

Telling her audience about her liking for Marathi Abhang, since she has lived in Mumbai for so long, she went on to sing one based on Malhari Kanada describing the dancing Ganesh during the Ganapati festival in Arna. Featured Albums Trialogue Published: Songs of Power and Passion Published: This was presented as a Mallari that is sung when abhang aruna sairam procession of the deity is ahhang abhang aruna sairam from the temple. Since then Abhanjas have made inroads into the abhang aruna sairam deep down Southern India and sairzm this day, the tradition in being preserved and practised in its pristine form.

After her initial training in classical Carnatic music by her mother Smt. Pattammal Award of Music Academy, Chennai. Maharashtrians migrated to Tamil Nadu during Shivaji’s reign. A versatile performer and composer her repertoire is extensive, encompassing Carnatic classical to folk, devotional music and Marathi Abhang which were all showcased beautifully well during her concert in the Fountain Lawns of the IIC.

The pick of the evening was undoubtedly a unique tillana, based on Krishna”s Kaliya Nartanam, a famous composition of Utkat Venkat Subbaiya, which had the earliest experimentation of “rap” in classical music. Mahalingam and the immortal Balasaraswati, Aruna grew up in a nurturing atmosphere right from her childhood.


This album, is the first production dedicated exclusively to Aruna Sairam’s most popular Abhangs. Nadham Music Media Published Year: Manjari Sinha is an auditioned artist of All India Radio, broadcasting programmes such as talks, interviews, Sanskrit programmes, and travelogues for overseas broadcasting.

Bhaskar with a sensitive feel for the Raga.

Welcome to Aruna Sairam Offical Site |Rang Abhang

Mani she has imbibed the style of the great Tiger Vardachariar, a singer renowned for his flowing madhyalaya Sargams. Many Maharastrian families settled down in Tanjore thus widening the scope of abhangs. The New Sunday Express. Tracks Images Liner Notes Tweet. Mani, Veena Vidwan K.

Every aspect of the song was explored in depth, the elaborations weaving delightful patterns of Swaras. eairam

With effortless turns and twists of different gatis, sargams and words all at the tip of her tongue Aruna elevated the programme to an incredible level of excitement and joy. Tukaram Beej is being celebrated at ‘Tukaram Nivas’ in Thiruvannamalai for the last one hundered years.