What we try to do is to give full disclosure on what we do and what the assumptions are. That’s not how it’s supposed to be used. Full bit strength requires a meaningless sequence of at least 22 characters. Posted 22 June – We would not be affected by a for example directives concerning requirements of key disclosures or backdoors made by government agencies in a large english-speaking union of states west of the atlantic ocean.

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This is the secret that will protect your data from viewing by others and undetected tampering. Several functions may not work. Instead we added features on top of AxCrypt axantum axcrypt that are available with the AxCrypt premium subscription. You may be confronted with legal, economic or physical threats to reveal the pass phrase.

concerned about Axcrypt requiring email and password

You currently have javascript disabled. Windows Explorer displays your desktop and is the part of Windows normally used to navigate among all your files and documents, where you double-click to open for example.

We’re aware that this might be off-putting axantum axcrypt some, depending on what security model you believe in. Not the source code, not the algorithms. This seems to indicate to me that this password is not private, and that I cannot use multiple passwords.


Yes, but encrypted with your password which we do not store. I’d prefer not to switch to Veracrypt, because my paid cloud backup provided can’t do incremental backups from a hidden volume. Yes, daily operations are done offline and does not require Internet. Even if our server axantum axcrypt be compromised, the permanently stored sensitive data stored xxcrypt is encrypted with axcrupt password, axantum axcrypt we do not store.

It is supported on Windows Specifically it has no provision for automatic re-encryption, no secure delete. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. In the end, that’s a judgement call.

You can axxrypt and use key-files which are files with randomly generated strong keys ensuring that your information security is not subject to weaknesses in your chosen pass phrase. Please log in to reply.

Online Password Manager and File Encryption – Xecrets – AxCrypt – Axantum Software AB

Other benefits of registering an account are subscribing to topics and forums, creating a blog, xacrypt having no ads shown anywhere on the site. To conveniently decrypt the file, just double-click it to open it in its own application, and when done have it re-encrypted if modified. Axantum axcrypt, it’s not unsupported – it’s just not actively maintained. I already use a password manager that Axcryptt like. These may and should be stored on removable media such as USB-drives.


We’re working on fixing that for AxCrypt. This axantum axcrypt true of Word and Excel for example. Personally, I trust AxCrypt.

Edited by Xecrets, 29 June – Nous vous mettons en relation rapidement avec un technicien. Axcrypr 29 June – There is no such thing as proven safe, only proven unsafe.

Nothing else, not the software, not the secured files, not the secured account keys or anything else. Perhaps Svante or someone else can advise me on that. This is in order to get the sharing key public key from the server for the intended recipient. Axqntum a pass axantum axcrypt, i.

I might be wrong, but I have a fairly good insight into the tradeoffs made.