Run back to base, there might have been an attack on it but the ronin you have been training should beat it down. When you see them getting low, activate that unit’s Inner Strength to regain health. The other is in the southwest where Issyl is. Don’t take your geisha into the town yet, when the general comes out a bunch of blade dudes pop out too and they will wipe out your geisha and possibly everybody else. While they are talking, a Wolf raiding party led by Longtooth tries to destroy the Pool and take the orb.

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Attack the Wolf Clan’s base in the western area it should be easy. Zen Masters are either acquired while progressing through the mission, like in the case of Vetkin and Garrin, some are acquired keenjis after starting a mission while some are acquired through unobvious manner.

Where you will go to the town in the middle of a trading deal. The additional damage from Reals is handy in giving your men that sought after “edge” over your opponent. The beginning is the hard part if you can survive the first attacks its no problem after that. Just build a kenjsi and target range and start pumping out Dragon Warriors.

Dont let them fight hand to hand. Completely destroy that base and when you have the resources build an Alchemist Hut and battle realms kenjis journey shooting guild. When everything is destroyed position all your troops at the entrance of your town to defend.


However, don’t try to use haste one on top of the other. Don’t move yet because theres gonna be jojrney couple of more small attacks. It will slow the enemy down while you hurry to get your Warriors kfnjis home to defend.

Don’t attack yet wait full enemies to come and stack up those Yang and when you have three get the Dragon’s Fire upgrade for your Kabuki, Dragon and Samurai Warriors extra health. Fan Geisha- Not as battle realms kenjis journey as regular geisha. One of the better Heros.

Battle Realms – Walkthrough/FAQ

I would make the cannoneers and the fat boy run on ahead because they will get hurt by the tower. The base to the north shouldn’t be any problem. That village will be your base. Her BG will heal everybody around her but thats what you have kenjia for. While the Samurai and Dragon Warriors take on your enemy’s Warriors using various Battle Gearshave your Cannoneers attack the nearby structures.

Kenji’s Journey/Dragon

If you find your attacking forces being depleted or completely wiped out send any new Warriors you have in your town to the nearby watchtower. There battlf about to be an attack coming. And have your attacking units including your heroes directly to the monastery in the east. This one is too easy.


You jkurney eventually meet a Peasant. So while your running around the enemy town burning things, take some juorney hinder resources as well. Know where your going so you aren’t running around until they can build forces back up. Save when you think you have done good so far and use multiple saves in case you haven’t. The one is the same old stay in the base and upgrade units and depend it. Make sure you always have at least 4 on battle realms kenjis journey and 3 on water.

Kenji’s Journey | Battle Realms Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Once you have enough of rice and water, build a Target range. I had one Peasant catch some horses for my units. Every building has Gather Points to instruct units where to go. Sign In Don’t have an account? Kenijs two peasants in the water gathering and three to harvest the rice.