No seriously, are you kidding me? This is not her way View all 27 comments. I wanted to know why he liked her, why he wanted her. He just never give up no matter how many times the girl push him away.

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I’d say you can skip the first book Sugar Daddy but read the rest.

Her skittish behavior frustrated me a lot, and I honestly never really got what Joe saw in her. I did like catching up with the Travises. I would have love to hear his point of view to connect the two personalities. Joe was Jack 2.

Brown-Eyed Girl

Literally two pages between the conflict and the resolution, and I just wanted more. As a result I found their romance really week and merely serendipity like. I highly enjoyed the initial meeting of the protagonists where I saw the hero’s interest piqued and felt a spark in their chemistry.

Her books are published in fourteen languages and are be James Smith replied to Lyz. This honestly screamed of the author being forced to spit something out and in a short amount of time. Alfieri Saga by Elizabeth Lennox. August 11 th The first two books in this series are absolute favourites of mine, unfortunately things started going downhill for me at least with the third book Now there is a story View all 22 comments.


It felt very authentic. How does this man make her want things? Joe is a brown eyed girl lisa kleypas epub Hero.

Dream Lake Lisa Kleypas. This was a sweet story, though I was realy sad to read that view spoiler [the Travis “patriarch” passed away between the previous book and this one hide spoiler ].

Billionaire’s Brides of Convenience by Nadia Lee epub. The story is told in first person present from Avery’s POV. Avery is a wedding planner who does not have the close family ties that Joe has but she does have a sister that means the world eepub her.

The super rushed thin-plot, the insane insta-lust that had no rhyme or reason to it. For gril who had been following the series, brown eyed girl lisa kleypas epub kelypas treated to some great Travises moment with the whole bunch of them.

He pursued her and never gave up on her.

Even though he claimed he wasn’t pressuring her, he made it clear that there wasn’t a chance of their relationship continuing if Avery moved to New York. Oh, Jack Travis, my man. The Travis brothers are big, brawny, alpha to the core but so brrown and sexy they can melt you like butter with their words.


Because a wedding dress fitter tells her she browj tell the due date by the size of the bump.

Brown-Eyed Girl (Travises, #4) by Lisa Kleypas

Everyone kept going on about how terrible a burden he was having to bear having a baby and how awful it was he was having to marry her. That says a lot for how strongly connected I was to them all.

You could really feel the sensuality, the pull between these two characters. One of the famous Travis. That made no sense to me. Our story has the main love interest, Avery Crosslin, literally saved by Joe in their first meeting.