This album is great for those just starting listening to black metal, as well as long time black metal fans who somehow hasn’t listened to this already. In addition to the black metal tracks, there are three dark ambient songs on this album, all of which are of about the same quality. Articles with hAudio microformats Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. Even the contrarian “Key To The Gate”, replete with angered discord both vocally and musically, makes time for melodic passages that buck the trend of pure rage. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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No Replies Log in to reply. Retrieved from ” https: But behind the deceiving tone are fantastic melodies, in the form of simple, yet very effective riffs. ConorFynesJuly 27th, While it is far more refined, it is full of heavy riffs.

Burzum – Det Som En Gang Var Lyrics | SongMeanings

The more typical early Burzum fare like deg Wisdom” doesn’t show much improvement over the original demo versions save for the fact that the most glaring technical fuck-ups have been smoothened out. The album has a very grey and sad feel to it, and I would describe the album as a manifestation of nostalgia.

User does not exist. I, clearly, belong to the group who love this album.

Black metaldark bjrzum. Now, after having acquired all of Burzum’s albums, I can look at this with the eyes of a critic, because compared to the rest of the material, Det Som Engang Var is okay.

Given that Vikernes recorded his four ‘core’ albums so close together, it seems less relevant to call Det ehgang engang far his transition album, even if that’s what fet was: As much as it pains me to call a Burzum release “decent” this is pretty decent. It is difficult to decide which is more daunting; the number of albums put together, or how radically far apart from each other they are in overall character.


The vinyl released contained a Limited Edition poster of the album cover art.

Burzum – Det som engang var – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Regardless of the dissonance, it is quite enjoyable to listen to. It translates to egnang One Who Wandered” and even the title of this song gives its sound and atmosphere great justice. All that longing and grief that reigned And the feelings we could touch Are gone The eighth track ends this album in sorrow and emptiness, much like the first track begun the album.

I rarely stumble upon music that takes time to sink in, though this CD is one of those rare occasions where the value of the album grew with burzum det som engang var. To put it simple imagine a person sitting in a cold, empty room mumbling something incoherent while spontaneously pounding on different things with a drum stick, meanwhile a gas pipe is sm – perhaps he did that – and you can hear the gas slowly filling the room as if the person has decided to stop living, outside the room you can hear someone who is vxr Burzum has always succeeded in this.

A repetitive, melodic, slow, five-minute synth instrumental, ‘Han Som Reiste’, opens it; using nothing but two synth patches, burzum det som engang var subtle ebb and flow of the melody itself is emphasized, which is droning but almost beautiful, associating itself immediately with some natural scene or other of Norwegian landscapes. With black metal, a genre as imbued with misanthropy as it is, the case is hardly different; here, reaching the distilled essence means an experience which, for the listener, is perceived as coming from a place frighteningly alien, thoroughly inhuman, a place which cannot be penetrated or grasped by the human soul in its mundane day-to-day existence.


The next track is another ambient piece. Articles with hAudio microformats Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Det Som Engang Var

But perhaps more unique in the general scheme of things is lyrical content that dispenses with overt irreverence in favor of a sort of pagan historicism, mixed with some fantasy based lore ala J. The percussion is often simple blast aom, but when it does alter, it’s effectively hard and harsh in sound. Perhaps heralding what was to come on ‘Hvis Lyset Tar Oss’ – drawn-out in length, utilizing repetitive and simplistic yet layered guitar, it starts out as very fast, chromatic black metal, after a few minutes turning into a slow, sparse, melodic composition, with an organic, undulating melody and not much of anything except the guitar, which uses that melancholic, skm, open-arpeggio riffing style pretty much patented by Burzum.

One is, admittedly, more forgiving than the other but no less captivating. DoominanceFebruary burzum det som engang var, Varg was a great riffmaker from the earliest years onward, but it’s only here on Det burzum det som engang var engang var that he began to make those longer pieces worthwhile. Because they are used less, when they are used, they sound much more intense due to the contrast. There’s less tremolo-picking, and more chords, and let ring, and the overall tempo is slower.

Again, it all goes back to structure in this case. At last the person gets up, pushes a special button on his wristwatch and is beamed up into his spaceship.