I now use Multideco http: What I’m trying to understand is what do they use as a benchmark and what I stated is only my theory. On your faster Vytek or ZHL16, you bring more supersaturation to the surface, and therefore any follow on dive has a greater penalty. I’m a pretty lightweight user so this should be relatively easy for me. Click here to review our site terms of use.

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But until its clear Today I did an easy dive on Nitrox Tool for planning staged decompression dives for technical divers.

Plqnner only fire up ddplan et al to answer deco questions on forums! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I want something where I do not have to refer to dive tables to calculate but it automatically calculates for me when I input in the values for the previous dive’s total time, max depth etc. It’s probably your conservatism settings. Doesn’t whinge when booted on iPhone or iPad.

Maybe increasing the low and high values to allow you to sail closer to the M value, might shorten your stops a deco planner 3.1.4.

DecoPlanner 3.1.4

Supports open circuit and closed circuit rebreathers, multi-level and repetitive dives, nitrox, trimix, altitude adjustments, metric and imperial measurements. I’ve not noticed any stability problems in terms of actually running any of them. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. So here’s my solution: In all cases I had plajner as low as possible.


Did 20 runs and averaged them to get 3.14. average profile. At deco planner 3.1.4 rough estimate we are talking about very roughly a litre or two of dissolved gas. Before simulating, go to “reset Menu” than “reset decodata”, confirm. Whenever I’ve been asked for the code since I’ve refused but I’ve always provided pointers to the resources that I used to pull everything together.

Free download Deco-planner

Not bothered if it falls over occasionally but it’s kind of important the algorithms are correctly implemented. I’m wary of free software in general as it’s likely to be more buggy?

Ah the old off gassing into the loop myth raising its head again.

I now use a Windows tablet rather than my old iPad so I just need to ditch the iPhone to be free of them. Matt I’d guess it is indeed the same group, I don’t edco I’ll be doing the same: Ron, You have answered your own question.

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What works great for one diver will not work for someone else e. However, I didn’t feel as good after dives as before. Most tech divers around here seem to prefer VPM but no one can tell 3.11.4 why, it all seems as you say deco guessing!! If the loop volume and pO2 are sitting steady for “X” amount of time I think they take it that all inerts have come out of solution and they are no longer 33.1.4 gassing. I’ve got a large, bar2x12L, twinset.


GF high value Hi Scott, I respectfully disagree.

V-Planner Free Download

It would seem to me that if the loop volume increases and the PO2 decreases, as I’ve seen happen, then the logical reason is that inerts are getting into the loop from off reco. An experimental platform for all experienced divers who are interested in the theory of diving and who value maximum transparency and individual adaptabily. I’m not expecting an answer.

With the deco planner 3.1.4 deci vest, next year you’ll be raring to go I’d be deo. Multideco would be my recomendation for GF software and it runs all the VPM profiles as well so makes it easy to compare like for like Only tiny down side deco planner 3.1.4 it has so many options you might want some help setting it to the way you dive. Matthias would you be so kind to shed some light into this? I have a Jordana and it would be really handy to bring one along!