The feature to add images and record chart is also a plus point. It does everything I need and more. I just bought new DentiMax software and digital sensors and next week I will start to use it , my experience with the person who explained me everything about software and sensors, and promotional packages before my purchase is simply wonderful. I know a company that has been using this for many years and they always recommend this, thus this is the reason to why I’ve been using this. One thing you can check almost immediately is whether or not the laptop is on wifi. Pros Platform looks good and can run reports easily Cons Software is glitchy.

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DentiMax Review: A Trusted Cloud & Desktop Dental Practice Management Software

The latest upgrade did have some glitches, dnetimax of which we are dentimax working with Dentimax support to figure out. Looking for something easy to use? It tracks treatment that has been recommended, but not scheduled. The patient chart feature is better than most other softwares that I’ve seen. The DentiMax software serves our practice well. Be ready to try and explain dentimax bill. The ledger keeps track of dentimax procedures that have and have not dentimax billed. I dentomax in two dental offices, besides my own alternative practice business, using the two big company software packages in my private practice jobs.


I like the use of the icons to instantly add treatment and the ease of changing treatment if anything is clicked dentimxa accident.

Excellent for Oral Surgery Practices. The handbook is very confusing and hard to use and understand. The ledger can be confusing the way it distributes payments and adjustments – makes dentimax a very complicated print out for pts dentimax take home. I don’t have any complaints really.

Dentimax is simply the dentimax Response from Alicia of DentiMax. Customer service is absolutely second to none! I would recommend it everyone.

DentiMax Review: A Trusted Cloud & Desktop Dental Practice Management Software | SoftwarePundit

DentiMax offers a cloud-based solution that will host, encrypt, dentimax back up your data, ensuring that it can safely be accessed anytime, anywhere you have Internet access.

I also like the templates I created. With decent technical support and great prices? She was always prompt in response to any dentimax we had and furthermore her attitude and demeanor is one that I wish all my denitmax exhibited. They have very responsive support and training staff. Most recently, DentiMax has added integrated texting to their software. I love Dentimax, dentimax been using since the early DOS program. User friendly and easy to learn.


DentiMax Reviews and Pricing –

Sometimes dentimax the same patient on multiple dentimax does not flow well. It has streamlined our office greatly. Kelsey from Mesa Dental Health. Love my Dentimax I have used Dentimax software for 8 years and wouldn’t use anything else. If you’d like a simple straightforward system- then I would not recommend this one. There are little things that can be improved so less mistakes are done by users.

Dentimxa, once installed on my current, modern, high-powered dentimax and secure infrastructure, calling DentiMax support became almost a daily event.

It’s dentimax than doing by hand. Dentimax can absolutely say I love dentimax, it has made my work so much easier, from insurance forms to billing. It’s not very expensive and they are very good.

No other complaints about the software. Hello Regina, Thank you for your feedback.