The next album was his first and as of the last live album “U tvojim molitvama” In Your Prayers. Popular Artists Popular Songs. Unnecessary downvoting chokes varied content creation and discourages unique submissions. The change in sentiment was obvious and would be more or less prevalent on all of his albums up to date as of Everything you need to know about local scenes. Posting more than five songs a day is considered spamming and is a bannable offense.

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New music and covers of blacklisted songs are allowed anytime. On top of Reddiquette, we ask that users behave excellently to eachother and agree to refrain from racist, sexist homophobic, ap, or otherwise fucked-up language and rhetoric. The lyrics have been updated, you might want to revise your translation.

As a commenter, add more to the balasdvic than a sneer and a downvote. Unnecessary downvoting chokes varied content creation and discourages unique submissions. Balasevic’s songs have always had a strong pacifistic note and often talked about love in his unique way.


News, interviews and tour dates are encouraged — especially if it helps to spur interest at the local and international levels. Listening to Balasevic isn’t just listening to music, it’s living a gdd of peace, love, unity and tolerance.


More translations of “Pa dobro gde si ti”. New Music Mondays are dedicated to music that was made within the past 3 years and on Favourite Fridays we discuss one classic album.

The song features a large children’s choir which, together with lyrics warning about the war which indeed will start in 3 years timedelivers a hymn of pacifists throughout then still existing Yugoslavia.

His Sava Center concerts would become his trademark in years to follow.

By the end of Rani mraz released their second and final album titled “Odlazi cirkus” and the band dissolved shortly afterwards. Posting of songs or albums Including live recordings, covers, and rarities from blacklisted bands is limited to Thursday.

Pa dobro gde si ti. La mia amica la rosa. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Downvote content that contributes nothing to the community — not stuff that differs from your personal tastes. Add new translation Add new request. Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music. Adding info to your song posts — genre, location, year — gives djordje balasevic pa dobro gde si ti an incentive to check out your submission and makes it easier for us to discover bands in our neighborhoods.

Listen Create Services Support. Nearly all instruments on this album are acoustic, violin becomes dominant and woodwind instruments are heavily used. Flink wie Windhunde sind sie ja jetzt – mit dem Daumen auf dem Handy. He started his solo career in with the album “Pub” Jack which was excellently received too. The History of Popular Music.


Đorđe Balašević Pa dobro gde si ti by NestoVako VamoTamoNako | Free Listening on SoundCloud

We’re all punks, and we all deserve to feel comfortable within our communities regardless of personal identity. Album “Dnevnik starog momka” Diary of the old bachelor comprises 12 songs, each having a female name as the title, and each singing about another girl. Log in or sign up in gdee. The next album was his first and as of the last live album “U tvojim molitvama” In Your Prayers.

The song became popular with both the authorities and the people, making the song a kind of a eobro for his and generations to come. The Epoch of Romanticism. Djordje Balasevic Serbian latin: The Epoch of Romanticism Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. Login or register to post comments.