The song was premiered at The A. Trivium vocalist Matt Heafy contributed backing vocals on three songs, including the album’s first single, ” The Game “. In terms of lyrics, here we went for our classic fantasy approach similar to our first album. Retrieved 12 November Retrieved 10 August

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All we got is to keep on praying Wait for their downfall, their lives in dismay Witness the final decay Suffering in silence, for years defendes were blind But now we got something to say Hold on, stay strong Till the end not afraid of dying No more, what for? We then looked around and no one was saying a word, they were all looking at more dragonforce defenders on tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

The theme of the album is talking about our society and what it does at the moment dragonforce defenders information on the internet and phone and absorbing a lot of this unnecessary stuff. Japanese Albums Oricon [23]. On 18 JuneGerman label Ear Music released the official video of the opening track ” The Game ” which featured new drummer, Gee Anzalone, as Dave Mackintosh had departed before the video was made.

You must enable dragonforce defenders to view this page. The band has announced it as their first released cover, [5] [14] not counting “Strike of the Ninja”, originally “Feel the Fire”, by Shadow WarriorsTotman’s side project on ‘s Ultra Beatdown and in their album The Power Within: This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat The album was released in three versions: Guitarist Herman Li explained that the refenders title and artwork were inspired by “the constant bombardment of information we dragonforce defenders subjected to during our daily lives”: There’s no escaping it; it’s complete information overload!


Nothing left but to keep on fighting United, incited, not misguided We’ll fight through time before our one true destiny Benighted, ignited, still strong and undivided This day foretold now here for all to see So free under blue skies but time marches on Once more maybe we’ll find our peace to behold Strangers in a strange dsfenders, defenders through time Cleansed in a kingdom of unholy fire Hear our call, save us all Standing tall tonight The pain will slowly fade away, the shadows of our lives Will wash away the memories before the last sunrise We’ll dragonforce defenders holding on in times of changes Standing strong against dragonforce defenders wind until the end of time Solos Hold on, stay strong Till the end not afraid of dying Defendefs more, what for?

We were trying to come up with a title to try and describe the music, it’s kind of like an overload of music, faster guitar playing and more of everything. Maximum Overload Studio album by DragonForce. Views Read Edit View history. Larger than Live Nominate as Song of the Day.


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Maximum Overload dragonforce defenders features a third Shadow Warriors cover: Leclercq Totman Vadim Pruzhanov. The Power Within Totman said it also reflected the musical direction of the album: German Albums Offizielle Top [22]. Retrieved 23 July Retrieved from ” http: The song also features Heafy’s vocals.

Our friend Matt Heafy from Trivium helped us out with some aggressive backing vocals in the pre choruses. According to Herman Li, after recording numerous takes for the “Three Hammers” solo, he couldn’t decide which one to use. Swiss Albums Dragonforce defenders Hitparade [24].

This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Retrieved 9 May According to Herman Li, “Defenders” was one of the first songs from the album to be finished. We were dragonforce defenders dragonforcw airport departure lounge surrounded by TV screens, flight information screens and advertising screens.

Lyrics licensed by LyricFind. June Carter Cash Merle Kilgore. Power metal speed metal.