Aside from quality of life things, all the “guides” they offer is pretty much the same as what you can find anywhere else. Please help as I can’t live without this addon: I showed my buddies and their eyes almost popped out of their heads, they all went home and got the guides. In reply to DugiGuides:. They are all just money grabs to capitalize on WoW’s name. If you have no idea on how earn reputation and complete daily quest, this is for you.

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It will also suggest the best quest item reward as an upgrade or to sell for gold.

Leveling right now is quite easy, and even if you dont want to do quests you can level up in dungeons. It is the same when you are Stupid. I enjoy the scenery Easy as can be.

Dugi World Of Warcraft Guides

I leveled a bit on a few alts and, as all are aware, it cost to support woow sometimes. The waypoint arrows are spot on and each step of every guide is detailed with everything you need to know. Yes, I like it, I found a blog post which reviews guidea Dugi Guides in more details, just google optihax. I didn’t know my temps could even get that low! Also, are you trying to level up for the Mage tower challenge?


Is Dugi’s World of Warcraft leveling guide worth the money? – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

It costs money to, and you will one day come to the conlusion: Why would you pay for a WoW Guide? Upon purchase I will instantly gain a login and password for unlimited instant access to our members area. I dugi wow leveling guides for years to get my Death Knight up in levels, now with Dugi Guides I turn days of leveling into hours! I have tried multiple times to get into world of warcraft but i always quit because i got sick of leveling. I’d advise you against it!

Why would you make yourself play something? It’s pointless now due to scaling. I’m guessing it’s because the quest item is only dropable from mobs and the addon doesn’t pick them up, even after reloading or if its because the item doesnt show up in the objectives frame.

Not to mention the content could get outdated very easily, and leveling has never been easier in the game anyway.

Dugi World Of Warcraft Guides

Last edited by SirCowdog; at I bought the leveling guide to work on my alts and get dugi wow leveling guides main to It will search leveping a database of quest rewards and boss drops from dungeons then compare it with your items to find the best suggestion for each slot.


They really are perfect and i have recommended them to all of my friends in-game. That being said, the functionality of the add-on is great for auto grab and turning in quests, quickly equipping upgrades, Etc.

Suramar Guards, Will always find you! Gear Advisor With this feature you never have to worry about deciding which gear is best for your character. Dugi wow leveling guides leveling a new character, if you get bored then you just saved yourself a bunch of money because the guides are useless and you can find any info online.

Have to say, WOW Dugi! I’ve levelint a pesky bug that had me confused for months now. You can level to 80 in a week. In reply to Delgado I want to play again but I was thinking about purchasing dugi’s in game wow leveling guide: This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

Click here and get instant access right now. Seriously now, why would you need a guide?