But it can also be used on normal screens. This is now going to be changed. Have a nice weekend, and a scary Halloween: Ok, now work with my tools and website has started for full again. Those problems forced me to rewrite a large part of the program, but the tool itself will be quite a lot better. The site seems to continue to go well. As usual you will find it on our download page.

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Please enter a valid address. Do you find any bugs or errors please let me know at this email: I don’t want this program to be good, I want it to be the best! Download Now Before you download: There is still some work to be done but it starting to get close to release of version 3.

While I was uploading the player and new pages we had a power loss in my hometown causing lots of trouble. I did run into a few problems I need to solve to get it to work the way I want. The future changes will add options for audio burning and image creations, as easy-data mediaplayer as a better error handeling system. I am going to have a couple of weeks off before continuing programming. I guess I do something right, but it is lot of work to be done, so easy-data mediaplayer next time.


User reviews of Easy-Data Mediaplayer 1. I will poste some screenshots of the covermaker tool as soon as i have something ready. Now my head is full of ideas and it is hard to break up and go to bed at night. I am working on some filters to use easy-data mediaplayer the video player part. Ok, have a nice weekend, and remember to get the updated player on monday.

I did like this band so much that I had to post a couple of their songs here for you to listen. So it is a win win situation: PARTYBlasterAs the name itself tells the story, this is a basic music player with a look that suits perfectly if you are having a blast with your friend and wanna have a cool party club house touch.

The Audio player part is also almost ready for release, but I dont think it will be uploaded before early next week. More filters, more tools, and better quality output.

Besides this new tool I am also working with the video player part and the converter.

MPG Player for windows 7 free download

It seems to be in good shape, but I do need to replace the left printhead and the Maintenance cartridge.

The reason for this is that I have been asked to finish the Picture and Audio to Video tool as soon as possible. I just have to admit that there has been quite little work going on lately. This application is fully portable. The output can be played on any video player that supports. Easy-Data Mediacenter is developed for use with television screens, hence mediappayer rather large program window and big buttons.


Tiger Byte Media Player has been in development easy-data mediaplayer the start of and has been the biggest programming task I have ever done.

Easy-Data Mediaplayer

Below is a picture taken today. It is still hard to say when the audio player will be ready esy-data release, but I think it will be finished this month. Nothing fancy, just simple and straight forward to use. I also work on improving translations for the player.

Find the best software and mobile apps for you. Eas-ydata mentioned before this version has lots of new stuff. As usual you will find it on our download page.