Fix some ipv6 send issues!! Fixed some parsing errors!! Fixed powerpc build failure!! Fixed bundled libs building order!! Fixed problem spotted when ethtool wasn’t installed on the machine!! Fix incorrect sequence number after TCP injection!!

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Fixed plugin path issues!!

Компиляция ettercap из источника в Ubuntu 11.10 (ошибка компоновщика)

Fixed selecting text interface when running in only MiTM mode. Many fixes in gcc warnings when building!! Fixed some bugs in return values and fstat failures handling!!

Fixed some memory leaks!! Fixes in tcp and http handling infinite loop and crash!! Fix some ipv6 send issues!!

Index of /lookaside/extras/ettercap/ettercap-

Fix incorrect sequence number after TCP injection!! Fixed some problems in fork and execve usage in case of command failure sslstrip!! Fix truncated VLAN packet headers!!

A ton of kfreebsd, freebsd, and MacOS fixes and build fixes!! Fixed check framework find, with fallback in the ettercap one if not available!! Fixed a ton of warnings in gtk, curses and core!! Fix constants to allow full hexadecimal 0.7.41.


Fixed scan for hosts progress bar!! Fixed missing newlines in printf!! Fixed some “atexit” bad references!! Fix build failure on Mac OS X Fixed scan host crash with recent kernels!! Fixed mixed output print!!

Fixed many iconv detection problems!! Fixed log file ownership!! Fixed powerpc build failure!! Ettercap in sslstrip plugin!!

Fixed some parsing errors!!

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Fix GTK crash when scanning hosts!! Fixed old “ethereal” references!! Many ipv6 fixes and improvements!! Bug fixes and gtk code refactor gtk box wrapper!!

Fix problem in wrong pcap file saving!!

Disabled UID change for remote browser plugin!! Fix problem in “stopping attacks” window not properly shown in gtk!! Fixed some libraries link issues!! Fixed some incoherencies in gbls pointers in utils and core!! Fixed remote browser etterca;