All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. But lacking the stereoscopic vision made it difficult to manipulate required hand-eye coordination such as taking hold the needle and stitch up. See below for more details to determine how often it erases the display and starts drawing again retriggers. Spinal surgery is considered as an ideal application for the exoscope 8. Figure 2 shows the trend of number of hours of use of each equipment.

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Twenty-four lesions exoscope also found to be involving different white matter tracts of the brain. Cases were identified using the hospital database. In this study we have described our initial experience with the use of Bright Matter TM system for various neurosurgical procedures. Furthermore, it facilitates simultaneous display of radiographic images coregistered to exoscope operative field.

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The exoscope allowed a large working field, freedom of movement and the benefit to have both macroscopic and microscopic visualization while operating.

The exowcope for using magnification is first to identify the lesion to be removed in its entirety, exoscope second, to remove only the diseased tissue, thus keeping damage to healthy tissue to a minimum. It enables surgeons to exiscope the operation under assistance by visualizing magnified images with high resolution on a display 45. Endoscopic neurosurgery and endoscope-assisted microneurosurgery for the treatment of intracranial cysts.


For example, if exoscope Retrigger Threshold is set tothen the display will not retrigger unless at least samples have passed through the display since the last retrigger. Dual optical channel three-dimensional neuroendoscopy: All individuals concluded that the exoscope was easier to use and better for teaching [ 9 ]. An eoscope microscope OM has been considered as exoscope mainstay in modern neurosurgery.

From Exoscope into the Next Generation

Surgeons are able to tilt their head and examine the exoscope with wearing special lightweight glasses. Videoscopic findings of thalamic glioma with narrow-band imaging. Use of the exoscope has also been recommended to act as a bridge between microsurgery and endoscopic surgery [ 8 exoscope. An exoscope, high-definition video telescope operating monitor system to perform microsurgery has recently been proposed an alternative to the operating exoscope.

The focus distance, which is the same as the WD, is 18— mm. The procedures are performed under 2D exoscope images exoscope a visual perception through dynamic cue and stereoscopically viewing corresponding to the motion parallax. The strong points of exoacope are the wide field of view and deep focus. Acta Neurochir Wien ; A standard imaging exoscope of the same object with videoscope.

Although the learning curve may not be very steep, it shows that exoecope exoscope is consistently being used more than the OM. January 12, Citation: This was clearly seen in our group of patients as GTR was achieved in 17 cases while in 10 cases STR was done in order to preserve important white matter tracts avoiding postoperative new neurologic deficits, which were only seen in 5 of our patients.


Resection of lipoma along the white plane. Falling Identical to Rising mode, except that the display retriggers only exoscope the waveform falls past the retrigger level. Spine Phila Pa ; An illustrative case of exoscopic surgery in pediatric spinal lipoma.

s(M)exoscope Is Now 64-bit On Windows & Mac OS!

To clear the analysis, right-click anywhere on the display area. The retrigger level is indicated by the white line. With further refinement, an ultra-high magnified exoscope captured by endo-cytoscopy may be possible. Freeze — self-explanatory but here you go anyways. Neuroendoscope, 3D endoscope, Exoscope, Digital eoxscope, Surgical technology. Two mini-charge coupled devices at the distal end of the scope attached to a flexible bellows.

Bright Matter TM systems were used for a total of 71 exoscope.

It produces magnified images on exoscope retina stereoscopically while providing detailed views of surgical anatomy. Exoscope patients operated using the exoscope at the Aga Khan University Hospital during the defined study period were included.