Now they return for what is their best album yet, a rousing celebration of melodic power and speed laden in quality lead work, bold production and the memorable vocal hooks of their latest crooner Apollo Papathanasio. Please read the disclaimer. The album closes with the powerful “Life Foreclosed”, a slower number. It fits perfectly, making every riff sound bigger than it is. Now here is the bad. The truth now shows that I was blind It made me change my mind It’s the circle of life Tears of a coward, tears of shame I found my way, to win this game Do your best, just stay awake What you got no one can take Have I lost my mind? Well worth your time if you’re a fan of any melodic power metal or if you have an appreciation for Gus G’s other projects.

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There’s more guitar and keyboard dueling overall, Apollo’s vocals sound much clearer, and the general music approach is more straight forward.

I’ve long since succumbed to the fact that Firewind figewind Gus G’s best band, superior to Nightrage or Mystic Prophecy and far more consistent than even Dream Evil.

It fits perfectly, making every riff sound bigger than it is. On one hand, every solo is amazingly fast and beautiful, blending metal with neoclassical and hard rock. This is European firewind the premonition metal with a ton of gonads and enough flash and flair to please most rabid shred fans who go for the fret board mayhem that the likes of Roland Grapow and Dushan Petrossi are prone to deliver. They used to be really cool, with a heavier riff base and a vocalist who could howl and shriek like a fucking banshee, but all of that is out the window here.


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The Premonition

There is also a cover of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac”, the pop hit firewind the premonition the Flashdance soundtrack. LaconicWarriorMay 3rd, And it doesn’t suck! The songs flow seamlessly together and the act has played to its strengths, namely six-string fireworks and strong melodies.

To do so, click the downward arrow on the top-right corner of the Facebook comment the arrow is invisible until you roll over it and select the appropriate action. They are also basically the premiere power metal band coming from Greece these days, and their past firewind the premonition albums Forged by Fire and Allegiance have been quite good.

Angels Forgive Me 5.

Apollo Papathanasio, Niclas Engelin] All my fears are gone since I don’t know when But the path I chose has made me strong Demons of the past are here They push for revolution Trying to manipulate my brain I found my own solution I won’t crawl for you again I will never go insane Do the things you premonitiin to do and let your spirit guide you through In firewind the premonition life worth being remembered Don’t look back you won’t regret, forgive, forget and never hate Firewind the premonition it how you want to be remembered?

The answer is simply different for each rocker. I can compromise, But you must realize that one day I will break free 9.

The Premonition (album) – Wikipedia

Perhaps when you turn up your treble to high on the guitar and the snare on the drums you drown the bass. A feeling of power is relevant whenever I listen to this album.

On March 24,it was released in Greece, DenmarkNorwayand to a large portion of the rest of Europe. I believe by there next firewind the premonition the will changer their style even more and this album will be considered the bridge between the two styles.


The song had a few live performances by Firewind including at the Gagarin Open Firewind the premonition festival in Athens There are no two ways about it, the song will polarize. Moving on to the vocals, I have to say Apollo really made it. It is not ground breaking and it will not be an instant classic. It was released four days later in Franceand was released in the United Kingdom on April 7, A prejonition metal song bursting with heavy riffs, firewind the premonition expected ripping solos and a great vocal display, it starts ‘The premonition’ with an almighty bang and shows Firewind at their very best.

Redundancy and lack of musical composition are not an issue here. MindRuler33April 10th, Now here is the bad. I mean, have you even listened to the chorus of Into The Fire. Creative minds So brave but thhe to find Show no fear, keep your head up high Time goes by and arrows fly Have I lost my mind? Please read the disclaimer.

Perhaps unexpectedly, keyboard player Bob Katsionis’ contribution to proceedings this time around has been firewinr reduced — while still bursting forth for a solo every now and again, he is otherwise almost firewind the premonition back on ‘atmospherics duty’ and the thick layers of keyboard that coated parts of the previous CD are nowhere in sight. Some cannot simply accept the evolution while others feel it is progression.