Sometimes time limits are agreed on by the participants before the battle. August 17, Central Luzon: Aside from battle rap, the league has also had a beatbox battle competition, concerts, and seminars about hip hop culture commonly named as Mindfields. Share this video with your family and friends. Both sides can also bring props for the event. The first turn is determined by a coin toss. The Old French verb in origin meant “to joust , tilt”, but it came to refer to the knightly tournament more generally, while joster “approach, meet” became the technical term for jousting specifically also adopted in English before

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It descends westward to Cervantes, Ilocos Surand flows into Abra province. Due to its freestyle and rhymed content, some academics considered it as modern-day ” balagtasan ” although some rap artists discourage the idea.

Abra Abra may refer to: Retrieved from ” https: The Abra River is the sixth largest river system in the Philippines in terms of watershed size. Share this video with your family and friends. Abra River The Abra River is the sixth largest river system in the Philippines in terms of watershed size.

Friday, 04 January It has an estimated drainage area of 5, square kilometers and a length of kilometers from its source in the vicinity of Mount Data in the Benguet province.

FlipTop – Loonie/Abra vs Shehyee/Smugglaz @ Dos Por Dos Tournament, Download or watch Y2mate

Early iteration of rules allowed judges to vote for OT Overtime. By the end of the 12th century, tornement and Latinized torneamentum had become the generic term for all kinds loknie knightly hastiludes or martial displays.


The Abra was an Italian motorcycle that was manufactured from to In general, the contest consists of three rounds with a time limit for each contender set by the referee.

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Also some of the lines spoke by the emcees in the battle became popular phrases used in the Philippines. Retrieved 18 November In early years, majority of judges voted for OT or if no definite winner emerged from judges’ votes. Weeks before the release of the album, Fanny stated shehyef “We were looking for a fusion of sounds.

FlipTop – Loonie/Abra vs Shehyee/Smugglaz @ Dos Por Dos Tournament

Views Read Edit View history. Because of this situation, many netizens bashed Shehyee for being unprofessional in the battle, he was also blamed for not explaining to his girlfriend’s mother about the mechanics of league.

At a point near the municipality of Doloresit is joined by the Tineg River, which originates in the uplands of Abra. Create your page here.

Shehyee threw disrepectful lines smkgglaz Sinio’s wife Bie Sarmiento during the battle, which Sinio rebutted fliptop smugglaz shehyee vs loonie abra by dissing the internet sensation Ann Mateo, who is the girlfriend of Shehyee, that lead to Sinio’s victory in the match. Terminology Old French tornement was in use in the 12th century, from a verb tornoierultimately Latin tornare “to turn”.

DOS may also refer to: Roger of Hoveden writing in the late 12th century defined torneamentum as “military exercises carried out, not in the knight’s spirit of hostility nullo interveniente odiobut solely for practice and the display of prowess pro solo exercitio, atque ostentatione virium.


Shehyee also made a clarifications about the allegations, he said that he helped Sinio in addressing the issue with Ann Mateo’s mother. However recently, the judges are not allowed to vote for OT, they should pick a winner.

FlipTop Battle League

In its early days, FlipTop initially gained criticism for its use of strong language, mockery and bullying, prompting the city government of Makati to ban rap battles in the area. The league has a long snugglaz of mocking emcees’ relatives during the battle.

Abra motorcycle The Abra was an Italian motorcycle that was manufactured from to I gave myself the luxury of exploring, because it was important not to repeat what I’d done.

Some emcees in the league recently are more focused on line delivery, hyping the audience in the battle, and gimmicks rather than dissing to attack the opponent [11]. In Colombia, Dos went straight to number one in the album charts in shehywe debut week. Due to the nature of the league and its mechanics, bashing or shaming emcees’ relatives fliptop smugglaz shehyee vs loonie abra inevitable in the battle.

However, during an undercard abr between Sinio vs.