So you can use that with leadwerks or other game engines. If my game has been downloaded 25 times,I’ll The license are not really clear. Tropical Foliage Model Pack Modern War Characters Model Pack Spooky Cemetery Model Pack

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War Torn Pack Model Pack This is my first FPSC game. London City Model Pack Already have an account?

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Usually they are used to hide cables and to make a high ceiling appear somewhat lower. Players can run, leap, swim, dive and even affect the water level. We will make an own page for It may progress to more levels mazes depending what the players You think. So let me know all positive and negative Packks East Pack Model Pack UU3D is a must have to convert aminated characters though.

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Included are 14 different textures ranging from a few blades of grass to bushes applied on several fitting plane 3D-models. Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers.


That said, TGC owned a lot of the packs and I hereby grant permission to convert all TGC owned FPSC model packs and distribute them for free on the forums though not through the asset store or through some paid-for collection.

A multitude of characters. I don’t know but it didn’t seem like a problem. I’m still new with this.

Graveyard pack Not Horror Model Pack That free packs consists from tgc and third party. And if that has changed, then there needs to be a disclosure on the download page or in the downloads themselves that states this is the case.

Took me hours pacsk find what I wanted. One of the problems I had is the large number of animations that are numbered but not identified by name.

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Derelict Space Station Model Pack If my game has been downloaded 25 times,I’ll Subway Kit All the media required to create an amazing subway scene in your game. No files were found matching the criteria specified. Other packs need to be confirmed with the artist. Post Apocalyptic Characters Model Pack Download the version 1. I fpwc own several TGC packs from years ago and this was never an issue, so this is pretty disappointing.


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Another one stated only tgc models are completely free and can be use with other fpsc x10 model packs engines. In FPS Creator you can make your scenes with such details much more realistic and vivid well, the exact opposite ; especially if you make an abandoned looking scene.

Trench Kit Create detailed trenches in your games with this model pack. Anyway, x0 good news is, if you own Gameguru, tgc just released most of the packs in the the latest Gamepack expansion dlc as free.