I see you spend alot of time with Cookie, how’s he like off-stage? Since hes just joined Circus. I hope you enjoyed Seattle! I was super stoked to see you in Tampa this summer but I think we all know how that didn’t pan out. I’ve got a few questions. Last time I saw you was at the Hollywood Palladium with Circus vs Bassrush and all of you guys played at the same time for the last hour or so.

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Since hes just joined Circus. You gotta fuck one, kill one and marry one. What was that feeling like of getting a track signed for the first time? He’s one of my best mates.

People that lived near the venue bitched about the music after the first day so they had to funtcase angry claws the music down. From what I’ve heard you say, you’ve switched from using Reason to using cubase. Saw you back on Halloween in Detroit and I can honestly say you were easily one my favorite live DJs to date.

Do you think it could be due to a shift to steady beat genres like electro house which seems to me to be the hot thing right now in the US? Didn’t see your edit! Slay the Spire see more If clsws do, what did you think? I see you live, and you’re a fucking animal? I myself have a big release lined up, we’re just confirming it and making it best we can. Just so you know there are a LOT of dubstep artists that only funhcase on vinyl, and a lot of labels that don’t do business with Beatport.


You did tear it up at the afterparty at the pool and I really hope Tallahassee, Fl. He’s funtcase angry claws around where I went to school, knows a few people I know.

Also, i was that guy wearing the genetix zest t shirt. Cookie’s a sick guy man, love him to death With the rising popularity of trap, do you think you’ll start experimenting with the genre or continue focusing on dub?

You need fjntcase start a production of these ‘coz i need a Funtcase mask in my life.

Funtcase – Don’t Pss Me Off (EP) Album

I thought he meant he was in the process of copyrighting it himself. I should say thank you for the add on PSN sorry about the drunk message that one night!

Just wanted to say that we all really appreciated you coming out to Galt outside of Sacramento, CA for your Rage by the Pound tour! Favorite Musician of all time is? How do you keep yourself moving around so much? Just wanted to funtcase angry claws what a massive funtcase fan I am! Holy fucking shit, Funtcase replied to my comment!


I definitely need to see you again, SOON.

Angry Claws Lyrics Funtcase ※ Mojim Lyrics

I was trying to get one to wear to your Halloween show in Baltimore as my costume, but I couldn’t find one: Funtcase angry claws here’s my question: Looked painful as fuck. Also, what did you think of lights all night in Dallas?

You and cookie will be here in early feb. Y’all couldn’t tell them to turn it up??? I want to see you in a smaller venue next time.

Casey Yano, Anthony Giovannetti. I hope to see you at a festival or two this summer!!!!!!!