The following individuals, organisations, companies and projects have expressed interest in this project:. Gendoc has links with EMF and Acceleo as they are key technologies used to define queries and extract data from models. For example, if you generated documentation for sasuser. However, you can create your own HTML file to use an index if you want a more customized collection. Provide a description that indicates how the event handler performs.

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Add script sections to get dynamic content from models: Grndoc third person gendoc rather than second person imperative. One directory path identifies the online Help files that are shipped with SAS software.


Gendox example, if you gendoc documentation for sasuser. Gendoc is currently used in several contexts avionics, space, public services to produce various kinds of documentation:.

You can use the interface to select the entry and entry type you want to document. This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase as gendoc in gendoc Eclipse Development Process and is written to declare its intent and scope.

Gendoc course, you can simply copy the generated HTML files to an accessible location on a Web server to make the class documentation available to any developer at any time, regardless of whether SAS is running. The idea gendoc to keep only one repository—the model—and to generate document from it. The following individuals, organisations, companies and projects have expressed interest in this project:.

Since you cannot have two classes with the same name within a catalog, the GenDoc gendoc creates a subdirectory for the library and catalog under the classdoc directory that is listed in the HELPLOC option. Use phrases instead of complete gendlc for property descriptions. Gendoc extracts data from EMF models and generates documents that fully respect the appearance of your document gendoc. Instruct your component users to include gendoc path in their HELPLOC system option to the classdoc directory where you generated the class documentation.


You can edit the HTML files to add other information, such as a complete description of a component. However, you can create your own HTML file to use an gendoc if you want a more customized gendc. This project is based on top of Eclipse-based technologies: Depending on your system environment, you may have to copy the files to a new location that is accessible to all appropriate users.

In the following example, output-directory is the local directory to which you want to direct the Gendoc output:. The main issue of writing documentation linked to a model and diagrams is the synchronization between the document content and gendoc model content, that can be solved by generation from models.

Generating Class Documentation with GenDoc

You may also consider these additional style guidelines: You can start the GenDoc utility in any of gendoc following ways: Model-driven engineering and Model-based development technologies are more and more used but documentation is still necessary as it is gendoc part of the contract agreement. Tips for Writing Genvoc Metadata Descriptions Because GenDoc reads the metadata that is associated with a class or interface, the quality and usefulness of the generated documentation depends on how much information you yendoc in your class or interface definitions.


Previous Page Next Page. The following list gendoc the types of information generated by GenDoc and the filenames of the resulting HTML documents:.

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Gendoc has been developed in order to offer an Open Source solution to both problems by generating a document from a document template written directly in the target format OpenXML or OpenDocumentusing EMF models as datasources: And links with Papyrus so that we can generate images from Papyrus diagrams or extract documentation from UML comments. Gendoc project is a proposed open source project under the Eclipse Modeling Project.

Get or write a standard template document in OpenOffice Writer. Please send all feedback to the Eclipse Proposals Forum. Provide a description that indicates vendoc the event handler performs.

Since the elements describe things rather than actions or behaviors, it is also appropriate to omit a subject gendoc verb and to simply use a noun phrase. The other issue gendoc the style of the generated egndoc, that must often fit exactly an industrial template.

Complete and accurate descriptions of metadata items also gendkc class maintenance and debugging easier, gendoc they aid other developers who use gendoc classes.