Color Managing Images 18 min. Retouching Eyebrows 20 min. This ‘channel’ features the same retouching videos as on Gry’s Retouching Techniques DVD, updated for all versions of Photoshop, inclucing CS6 and CC, revamped and many expanded, plus several brand new tutorials. Changing Hair Color In Photoshop 11 min. Simply select a video you like the look of from the library and watch the trailer. Other books in her tutorial series include:

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Adding Eyelashes on Close-ups 21 min. When we first launched we could find no precedent for what we wanted to do, but since then we have seen many small publishers adopt a similar format to garnesd 3-column A4 landscape layout. The layer workflow is editable and is therefore perfect for commissioned retouching where the brief often changes by the hour.

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The buttons will take you to the Gry garness ebook Imaging Publications site. A little skin-cleaning, maybe strengthening the jawline with a bit more shadow, lifting eebook bags a little…. The books have proved to be a great source of new ideas and methods for thousands of digital operators, retouchers and graphic designers. A Free Interpretation Case Study: It’s more than 13 hours of lessons with Gry Garness, an experienced retoucher trainer. Changing The Color Of Clothes 12 min.


Gry Garness Archives – Blog of Timothy Hughes, a photographer in Madison

Retouching Pet Photography 29 min. Hidden Colors and True Colors are the first in the series.

Apply Image Channel Blending garnesa min. Retouching Lips 22 min. Hair Masks Using Color Adjustments 30 min. Remodelling a Figure in Photoshop 29 min.

Gry Garness eBooks on photo retouching in Photoshop

The trailers are of the exact same quality and encoding as the full tutorials. This ‘channel’ features the same retouching videos as gry garness ebook Gry’s Retouching Techniques DVD, updated for all gry garness ebook of Photoshop, inclucing CS6 and CC, revamped and many expanded, plus several brand new tutorials.

My updated and revamped Photoshop retouching videos are now found at Eurekaand lots of new new tutorials too. Masking With Ease In Photoshop 23 min. You can either purchase a monthly subscription and get unrestricted access to the channel or rent tutorials individually. Retouching Eyebrows 20 min. The key to success in colour photography is knowing how colors affect each other. The eBooks are optimized for Adobe Reader — a totally free utility!


Adobe Camera Raw Essentials 35 min. I highly recommend anything Gry Garness has authored. I integrate colour management and quality control through the whole process, so that you end up with images that can be used from billboard to the web. These tutorials are tried-and-tested in a professional workflow.

The rest here is a bit of a jumble of press shots, exhibition images and biography book covers. Retouching Eyes 36 min. It’s ideal for photographers, assistants and retouchers who want to hone their skills.


Looking for the free Photoshop PDF downloads? Making Hair Shine 11 min.

Photographers The Colors of Great Colorists: This is an educational tool aimed at intermediate-advanced Photoshop users and the retouching is performed with a tablet. Gsrness Trailer Out of stock.