Originally Posted by ownmhe23 repost. Edit hidetoolz then right click the path and click delete path. Under path specify where your rf. Questions and feedbacks feel free to ask. Register for your free account! For the new patch in RF PH. Originally Posted by ownmhe23 i think this credit for k9 or timekana in not sure.

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Then there you have it. My only intention for the release of this work around is for trades. If you are a command line junkie like me, hdietoolz have been testing out Windows Vista… one hidetoolz rf online the first things you’ll notice is that there is no way to run a command from the run box in “Administrator” mode.

There’s like an error just hold enter.

It merely hides them enough for a user to launch another client for it to work. To try this out, go to the run box and type in something cmd, for example. I tried on a private server and onkine I choiced the server when it’s normally launching the game nothing happened. Use hidetoolz hidetoolz rf online click then add path. You will be prompted with the obnoxious User Account Control dialog… but it will then open up a command prompt in Administrator mode.


[TUT]How to dual client using hidetoolz 2.2 Easy steps ^_^

Originally Posted by oline Tool: Log in RF PH. Sorry di ako marunong mag dual sa windows 7. Originally Posted by ownmhe23 repost. Discussion on [TUT]How to dual client using hidetoolz 2. Questions and feedbacks feel free to ask. Anonymous January 3, at 6: Login to Rf with your account and select the server. And if you dont know where to find VMware installer – you can download the latest version, it doesnt matter.

Open the folder and edit hidetoolz. hidetoolz rf online

Now load the other rf. Windows XP lang gagana to.

The error is in the first client only onlone you hide the RF Folder in the hidetoolz. Originally Posted by ownmhe23 i think this credit for k9 or timekana in not sure.

[TUT]How to dual client using hidetoolz Easy steps ^_^

It may not be true on your end. This work around is not meant to be fully functional and would require a lot of computing power from your CPU and GPU. To do so, right click on the application rf. Open the folder, run the Windows Vista Shutdown Fix reg file.


RELEASE : Working RF Online Multi Login on Novus Rising

Originally Posted by yobabstrike. However, there are hidetoolz rf online lots of questions on hidetoolz rf online to make it work, some of us are computer savvy and some of us are not, and I’m one of them the not so computer savvy person anyway, in this tut you will see some of your possible problem and may encounter in installing your VMware. This work around does not change the RF. How can I enable “Run as” in Windows Vista: Right click RF Launcher and click Run As then log in the account that you created in the user accounts.

You will need the ff: Disk space – at least 5 Gigs for some reason if I use the same application in the same folder it locks up.

Add your RF folder example: If there is no Run as function.