In shortest terms possible, here are only a few new additions:. This update is the biggest to happen since the beta-release. Map Update – War of the 7 realms – Heroes 3 map. These exact changes are merely measures to accommodate banning Orb of Negation and Recanter’s Cloak on all official templates. The Crew, however, is not planning on reverting the change; the old mechanic will be completely abolished by the next major release.

homm3 horn of the abyss english

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Heroes 2 II – Maps.

Win th 64 bit, Heroes 3 – polish Gold Edition. This Popular Thread is pages long: It mostly contains bugfixes and polishes. English version not gog.

Heroes 3 – hints page 2. Map editor may crash on some systems, we need to collect some more information. Here is crashlog file.

homm3 horn of the abyss english

Guys, download link odkazuje na 1. First H7 patches are out, End of DoC development – read more. Also good luck with other updates! Edited by Sav at Heroes 3 new campaign: Heroes 7 VII – Maps. In order to allow the players to compare the two mechanics and appreciate the advantages of the new one, we introduced the test version option in the HotA 1.


We have acknowledged numerous comments inquiring about new Resistance mechanic and the reasoning behind choosing oof for our project.

The gamble element cherished by many is preserved for existing tactics featuring such creatures. Let me be the first to congratulate whole team on this release and thank once more for hard work that was put into this.

I was fighting with Troglodytes. Map has been updated: Heroes 3 – FAQ.

Horn of the Abyss v download – Heroes Wake of Gods Portal

Map Update – War of the 7 realms – Heroes 3 map. With it enabled, the game will employ the old Resistance mechanic.

homm3 horn of the abyss english

We try to keep classical h3 spirit in every tiny detail from code nuances to overall gameplay. Download Full version with HD-mod: Please support Heroes 3.

Another mirror will be added in a few minutes PS btw, who knows, whom should we ask to pin this topic and to close the outdated ot

Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.4 – Download Section

Artefacts for Heroes 3 “The Shadow of Death” version and more late. But when I used Fireball feature from unit’s menu, it was completely opposite – several hexes were “marked” by cursor, like if it was a Fireball attack, but only unit in central hex was damaged.


How do you all play the game – it is all in Chinese, but yet I see bunch of other folks abyws it HotA is a global add-on for Heroes of might and magic III that extends and fixes if needed classical gameplay elements and adds some of its own. Also, magogs’ ability doesn’t work properly – when I shoot normally, it still shoots with fireball, but when I click on the option of fireball, it shoots only one target. Bryan Canada Horn of the Abyss v1. Horn of the Abyss – Announcements, Questions, Features.