Cine a mai vazut. Vai, multumesc mult de tot. But when I do, it’s to tell people to get their stuff out of the dryer. De toamna, dar nu mohorata, imi place foarte mult tinuta ta colorata, proaspata! Tinuta da, pozele nu prea. Deja mi-am pachetat resemnata hainele subtiri si am trecut la blugi, geci si pulovere.

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Mz now I need your help! Enter your email or username: Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving Song. Only personal attacks are removed, otherwise if it’s just content you find offensive, you are free to browse other websites. I choose a thin beige parka and a scarf from Takko and I added a bit of color with my new purple pants and a yellow ring.

Download Imi place sa ma prefac sa vad dusmani ce fac florin salam mp3 free and mp4

Sign up or Log in. Pe dedesubt am imbracat o bluzita subtire, asa ca am fost pregatita si pentru o zi insorita, dar si pentru una ploioasa.

Am decis sa nu mai fiu nostalgica in ceea ce priveste imi place sa ma prefac si sa ma bucur omi mult de toamna. Eu am ales o parka subtire, perfecta pentru toamna, si o esarfa cu un imprimeu ja, care completeaza foarte bine tinuta mea. How I miss those sunny days. Fotografiile, lumina lor…totul imi place!


Create a prefax florin salam image! Parka o gasiti in magazinele Takko la pret redus doar 70 de lei si consider ca e o investitie foarte buna, deoarece e o piesa basic, care nu se demodeaza, iar culoarea o face foarte usor de asortat.

Nu fac poze pentru revista, sa fiu serioasa si dramatica, am o atitudine mai degajata, mai jucausa, de obicei. All i could think was. Iti vin foarte foarte bine pantalonii! No more summer nostalgia! If you get angry whenever something doesn’t make sense.

But when I do, it’s to tell people to get their stuff out of the dryer.

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I just voted for you Would you like to follow each other on GFC http: Came across this tiday. Most adult males are hooked on porn, and nobody bats an eye. Tinuta da, pozele nu prea. Harassing content is usually removed within less than 48 hours.

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Thank you for notifying us. More from other memes Insa pozele de acum sint foarte reusite, ai iesit excelent si se vede ca ai potential!


Help me win this blogger competition by liking this photo here! I decided to take part in Takko Fashion contest with other 14 bloggers and I had to create an outfit starting with an item from their store. Save and share your meme collection! The sq you know.

I don’t always post memes in this group. I have decided to pack all my dresses and tees and enjoy the jeans, jackets and cardigans. Ah ce mult imi place outfitul tau! Cat de frumoasa esti, Dorina! And this quote – from one of the most notable books of