Please note a new version of p0sixspwn has been released which adds support for iOS 6. Not Supported iPhone 5: Why Should I Jailbreak? Leave a comment, read comments [1]. Not Supported iPhone 6s: You can download the latest version of Sn0wBreeze from here.

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Looks like it is possible to make any A5 X device jailbreakable once and forever. Written by admin Wednesday, July 3rd, The famous MuscleNerd, the leader of the iPhone Dev Team, who did a lot of tests for Corona and whom integrated it and made it simple in redsn0w is willing to help also. Not Supported iPod Touch 4G: This results in all the data on your device being erased.

Turn off your device, however keep it plugged in to the computer. You can Follow the on-screen instructions limera1n 6.1.3 how to do so. As we mentioned before, this is a tethered jailbreak, and as a part of the whole process, Sn0wbreeze will create a new folder for a utility called iBooty on your desktop. Written by admin Saturday, February 12th, Please ensure you download the correct iOS 6. By Uzair Ghani Limera1n 6.1.3 14th, This is a good news for all who accidently updated to iOS limera1n 6.1.3.


Navigate and select the firmware file download in Step 2. Please go ahead and do it, and then relaunch Cydia again.

limera1n download iOS Jailbreak (Windows) (Mac) – video dailymotion

Here are some important points to limrra1n before you proceed. You can also select Enable battery percentage option. Individuals who have never Jailbroke before and want to make the process as simple as possible will benefit from limera1n 6.1.3 one-click Jailbreaking tools. Windows 7 users should run the exe in Windows XP compatibility mode right-click on the Redsn0w exe and limera1n 6.1.3 Properties, then select the Compatibility tab and select Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

limera1n download iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak (Windows) (Mac)

Please remember to release the Home button. Hackers are working hard to create untethered jailbreak for these devices.

This method uses an iOS 6. Not Supported iPhone 6s: You can download the latest version of Sn0wBreeze from here. That means if you have to reboot your device, it will show a “connect to itunes” logo until you run the jailbreak software again. Your iOS device will reboot and a pineapple logo will appear, indicating a tethered boot. First of all you need to jailbreak your iPhone. Not Supported iPad 1: Greenpois0n has been updated to support the iOS 4.


Not Supported iPad 2: Now Sn0wbreeze will ask you if you want to activate liimera1n iPhone? You will now be prompted to select the jailbreak options. Jailbreaking with LimeRa1n is extremely simple!

It is currently tethered, that means jailbreak is gone after reboot. Since this is a tethered limera1n 6.1.3, you will need to plug your device to your PC and boot tethered with iBooty every limera1n 6.1.3 your device reboots. If you happen to limera1n 6.1.3 waiting with a iOS 6. Please follow this limrra1n to read the complete disclaimer.