Here the songs work as a whole; or at least as two halves. And the support listeners have given this music has allowed me to keep creating it. Until then, I’m going to keep on driving to get this to succeed, and any help you can give sharing it and spreading the word around would mean the world. Along with printing the jackets, packing them all up, and preparing them to ship out where they’ll reach the destination unscathed. Estimated delivery Sep

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And it pays off: Estimated delivery Apr I’ve decided to go all-in with this one. For better or worse, it has all been done without any sort of label or manager, producer or press team. Here the songs work as a whole; or medita least as two halves. I don’t have the ability to press it without funding it online, so in this case Meaita seems to be the right way to make it finally happen. Had to set a huge one, so why not! Mesita here to nowhere send you a custom-made Mesita postcard in the mail with a thank you message.

I’ve set the timeline for shipping out the records to September just in case. I’ll do a full song mesita here to nowhere set of any Mesita songs of your choice recorded uniquely just for you. A copy of ‘Here’s To Nowhere’ pressed onto gram black vinyl with full color cardboard jacket.


Learn more about accountability. And the support listeners have given this music has allowed me to keep creating it. My name is James Cooley. Vinyl will ship when completed, everything else this Spring.

Mesita – Here’s To Nowhere Album

Includes mesita here to nowhere Bandcamp download code for Here’s To Nowhere. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Also includes a Bandcamp download code for The Phoenix. But with the right amount of focus, it is one that can result in the kind of record that really nowheer some new magic to your collection. If you compare the song to the other opening tracks of his previous discs it has inherent similarities, but mesita here to nowhere simultaneously feels like something completely fresh and different.

A bundle of the ‘Here’s To Nowhere’ LP pressed onto gram black vinyl with full color cardboard nowheere and a screenprinted Mesita t-shirt. Link to The Phoenix released in Plugging away sinceThe National finally hit mainstream success with the release of their album High Violet.

Kickstarter is not a store. At first the song comes across as a little jumbled, recalling the construction of the songs on Cherry Blossomsbut if you sit down and give it your full attention it becomes a fun song just to deconstruct and to simply listen to.



It will also be sent to you later on a USB flash drive. Mar 3, – Apr 2, 30 days. Thank you so much! Funding period Mar 3, – Apr 2, 30 days. Ships to Anywhere in the world. Link to Here’s To Nowhere released in So you’ll be the only one that has it. mewita

More by Mesita

Estimated delivery May These will be delivered digitally along with it’s own unique cover art and title. Along with finally getting some cool t-shirts and CDs made, too. There are checkpoints along the way to make sure the record will sound the way it should.

But the fact is that the two EPs Cooley released in and were themselves attempts to follow up his debut album — unsuccessful attempts which led him to release a taste of his sound as it progressed, good for us but had him starting again bad for him.