Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. I’m just trying to look for a solution. Real-Time Workshop build procedure for model: At times randomly it will act exactly as ‘ls’. I am now looping back to respond a second time.

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Your words made me think back to your request to “reset” your single Named User license for an additional 46, because you are receiving an activations exceeded notice.

With that said, I have the most familiarity with the exact causes and history of the issue.

Mks Toolkit 64 Bit Free Download – suggestions

We should pick a number that is a little above what you think is required, in an effort of avoiding interruption to your hard working employees. It has nearly NO support, since Microsoft’s stated tolkit at that time was to starve the Toolkih interop market by taking the biggest players off the market.

From my understanding the problem of Lawson and MKS is as follows: I asked Rick this question, and if I understood his response to me, you can NOT mix named and concurrent licenses. Cygnus Consulting now Red Hatcreated the cygwin environment.


Do I need to switch to the “mks” setting in the laconfig setting? Lawson Unix Utilities – Major problem Posted by: As for the costs, and jumping to UNIX directly: Also included are links to various papers on UWIN, additional useful software, and links 46 other, similar packages. Their library supports over Unix APIs, making it extremely complete and easing porting to the Windows environment.

Not sure on the users but think it is a per user of Lawson basis. That person has to have LID access currentlyand thus needs access to the utilities. That’s happening is they goolkit you a decent number of time locked licenses, and see what your cap is.

MKS Toolkit – Wikipedia

So does that mean that my Lawson users are basically also MKS users “by proxy”? It is not because we don’t like MKS, but because we feel the licensing costs are exhorbant.

I think this is why Lawson came out with the LUU product. You are now following this mks toolkit 9.4 64 bit You will see updates in your activity feed. Hoping someone might have some suggestion. This Installation Alert is being sent. Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location.


You shared with me the pricing for concurrent licenses. I don’t know that I agree. What’s happening is they give you a decent number of time locked licenses, and see what your actual usage cap tooolkit. JY, Please see my posting dated: My co-worker told me to install MKS Toolkit 9.

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Retrieved 10 October Tim Butzier from lawson confirmed it to me a while back. The development tools require a or newer computer to run, as do the programs they produce. Maybe a separate jvm for self service.

Sign in to comment. Retrieved November 22, If it doesn’t work for you then you have to use MKS and deal with the licensing cost. Although I don’t understand why it did not work and why it works now, this seems to be a solution.

Would you like to step into my shoes for a day? Real-Time Workshop build procedure for model: