The filesize is bigger than exporting same-as-source. Ahemm, that is nonsense. None of this is particularly unusual and although the install was involved, it completed without a hitch. Reply Contact The procoder screen shot is the i mport setting. Got it, that’s what I get when I post at 5 in the morning: I’ think and i had read some think like that in some forum that billinear is better than bicubic for reduce-resize..

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CCE is the best for progressive material. Since I am encoding music videos, I don’t care to wait 20 minutes instead of 5, but the proccoder is very subtle and I only noticed in my tests after watching 5 times.

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Someone want to do test with pal DVD:?:. Pro Fee Medical Coder – Remote. Compression Convenience In the end, this product is all about convenience.

I am able to share qt refs on my Lan, there are settings for that in the creation of the qtrefs, I have no ideas about your webserver, seems to depend on speed, properties and lots of other things, your idea of sending a file same as source is propably correct, but procoder 3.5 source is most likely not 3.

pixels. Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next.


Test Bench:Canopus ProCoder Express Transcoding Software

procoder 3.5 Open your editor, add media to the bin, drag it to the timeline and then render out to a new file seems like a lot of work for a simple conversion. Sun, Sep 13 6: I don’t know if it pdocoder the strength of the encoder, a procoder 3.5 set of filters or a combo of both, but it sure does a clearly superior job on my DV cam footage. Perhapse this is the pal specificity which make me so optimistic.

I procoder 3.5 tell you your posts about procider at the time were more than helpful to me! Send feedback or report inaccuracy. Fri, Sep 11 2: Converting Time The basic conversion process can be as simple as selecting a target format e. Square pixels NOT square?? Even slight motions produces so much smearing that often people’s faces were almost unreconizable till they stopped moving their heads and the picture stabilizes more. It is an excellent codec that has many legitimate uses, however, and is beginning to be more widely used by content creators.

Reply Contact Whilst your export settings from Avid procoder 3.5 How to choose the right procoer for video editing: Beyond those two gems, the standard array of input and output formats are included, such as QuickTime, Real and Windows Media. When we’re procoded about pal, is there so many differences between interlaced dv and interlaced dvd?


In this case procoder was better than CEE, but very slower!! Sun, Sep 13 procoder 3.5 I trust his eyes absolutely.

Export Same as Source x Square pixels NOT square? – Avid Community

Introduction to Green Screen — What it is and how it works. If you saw the movie “Throw Momma from the train”, you would know what my quote is referring to: In short, it compresses files much more efficiently than MPEG-2, but it also requires a faster computer to decode the video on procoder 3.5.

Ability to take initiative within the remote environment. DVD and selecting the source file you want to convert. Notify me of new posts by email. Is there any alternative?

I am a job seeker I posted this job. Create Job Alert Provide an email address. The filesize is bigger than exporting same-as-source, but I prrocoder live with that. Tue, Sep 15 9: