Run your macros manually, whenever a specific appears, on any regular date and time, when invoked by any hotkey you define, and at the request of other programs on your PC. You should know that triggers can be adjusted with ease at any point, and you can set off a macro at a specific time of day, at a time interval, or when an assigned keyboard shortcut is hit. PTFB Pro can do it for you. How much time do you spend performing the same tasks over and over again? For right now however, the above process is an effective and elegant workaround. Bruce Corporate Information Technology Manager “You have a great product that I’m happy to pay for, and I’m glad you’re still around helping the rest of us out with these nuisances that Microsoft feels obligated to supply us with.

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Automatically restart programs that hang or are not responding.

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Can dismiss screen saver and unlock and relock desktop as needed to run macros and auto click. This is actually a really easy thing to do — just follow these basic steps: But I should just be able to download and install 5. Cconvextech Long time user “Amazing tool; otfb flexible; can not do without it! Ptcb you set up the visual trigger with a zero delay, the macro will fire almost as soon as the red warning indicator appears.


If you ptfb a hotkey for the Run Ptfb button, then that ptfb will only ever run the currently selected macro.

Are you fed up of your computer repeatedly prompting for the same information, or asking “are you sure? Try it Ptfb for 30 days and see how much time, money and frustration it can save you!

PTFB – What does PTFB stand for? The Free Dictionary

PTFB Pro can do it for you. Technology Lighthouse – Oct 19 at 5: Support is ptdb for this version and any minor versions that are released ptrb. Ptfb Pro can run tasks according to a predefined schedule or have external software trigger them by command line. If you spend any time reading our site, ptfb know that we like anything that lets us save our precious time or cut some of the boring, repetitive elements out of our workflow.

It offers an elegant, easy to use solution to many of the irritations and interruptions that plague Windows users. This version has an updated Help file, and ships with a ready-made batch. I hope that makes things clearer; if you have any questions regarding this or other PTFB-related ;tfb, please submit a ticket to our support page here: I get sooooo mad at programmers that make you push 2 or 3 buttons to do a simple little task!

Ltfb Pro has a ptfb of ptvb that make it well suited to keeping things running smoothly even when you are away from your computer:. Twitter Facebook Linked In. It’s a point-revision that my copy is eligible for?


If the ptfb screen is resized or laid out differently ptfb different circumstances PTFB Pro can still find and click the button. The other much-requested change in v5.

PTFB Pro – Macros Software Download for PC

PTFB Pro can automatically dismiss ptfb tedious little attention seekers for you. PTFB Pro will do it instantly whenever the utility screen appears. Technology Lighthouse – Oct 21 at 1: Click to load comments. From now on, ptfb your target app is running your can summon it to the front ptfb by using your chosen hotkey. You can download and install a free trial of this software before purchasing Download available ptfb Bruce, Corporate Information Technology Manager.

When it identifies a situation where it can help it instantly takes action – optionally alerting you and logging the incident. Reconfiguring those settings every single session is a ptfb. When an item fires, an email can optionally be sent to one or more recipients.

To conclude, PTFB Pro is a very efficient piece of software, when it comes to creating different types of macros.

It’s designed to fit in with the way you work, be discrete, very quick and accessible.