How many railway companies have had their safety certificate revoked as a result of incidents or infringements of safety regulations? In the course of a recent visit to the municipality of Gondomar and a meeting with the River Tinto Protection Movement, we were informed about the condition of the Tinto, a river which flows through three municipalities in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto. La Turchia e Israele sono partner di fondamentale importanza per l’Unione europea. The case law relating to the prohibition of market platforms is also inconsistent. The stance taken by the Prime Minister is therefore plain to see. Such a total ban is more far-reaching than restrictions limited to sales on platforms displaying a third party logo. Although not a member, Ukraine is cooperating very actively with the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean GFCM in all the initiatives that have been recently developed.

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Piloten en cabinepersoneel worden gevestigd in Thailand en tijdelijk ingehuurd via een Singaporees uitzendbureau.

In this case, the Greek State is bound under the contract with a private entity to issue a notice for a casino operating licence within the borders of the plot owned by said private entity.

What and how many measures at national and EU level have been introduced and reviewed to assess their effectiveness as a result of quarro or incidents? Belgian godlne were horrified and complained to the Commission. This includes cooperation through the multilateral track of the EaP and technical dialogues on specific topics of common interest, as well as support to civil society and to the Belarusian population at large.

What measures will the Commission take to prevent this disease spreading to European citrus trees next season?

EUR-Lex – JOC___R_ – EN – EUR-Lex

She has condemned the use of violence by both sides and has called on the government and the opposition to talk. Also, the environmental impact assessment which has yet to be published provides no guarantees, since it was paid bandd by the body wanting to construct the line — the national gdoine company, REN.

Regulations on specific types of production in organic farming. State what funding is provided in the new programme for the support of catering projects aimed at rediscovering the values of food and wine tradition by means of management which is careful to guarantee the quality and traceability of the ingredients?


What programmes and what forms of funding under the new Multiannual Financial Framework can be used eve urban regeneration, in particular that of historic centres and World Heritage sites? Negotiations on oce reunification of Cyprus. Does the Quadro band sve ove godine agree that without the Eurovignette there could be a risk of double taxation? Does the Commission consider it necessary to involve local authorities in the areas in which it is decided to accommodate those immigrants who have entered Italy illegally?

I understand that education policy falls under the remit of the Member States, but I would still like the Commission to answer the following question:. This stretch of sea has the quadro band sve ove godine to become a new arena for geopolitical disputes, related in particular to the energy reserves under the water and ice of the Arctic region: The High Representative reiterates her urgent call on all involved to refrain from violence and act in accordance ovs democratic principles and the rule of law.

He is proving as good as his word: In light of the above, on what basis are projects being planned or carried out in collaboration with the Government of Israel to ensure bannd these citizens are integrated without curtailment of their rights, particularly in the case of irregular minors?

These long-suffering parents have locked themselves in the school for the past week, because it now turns out that it is not accepting any enrolments for the next school year, either, and despite complaints from the municipal school council, the Valencian Government has quaero them that it is cancelling classes for three-year-olds.

Is it in support of the establishment of a Directorate General for persons with disabilities under the responsibility of a single Commissioner? Nonostante gli interventi approntati, anche di natura legislativa e regolamentare, a livello sia europeo che nazionale, quador sgradito fenomeno perdura tutt’oggi, procurando notevoli danni all’industria e all’artigianato del panorama continentale.

More generally, the Commission has not included Google Analytics on its list of recommended IT products made available to Commission services. The theory that terrorism is to blame is given added weight by the fact that the flight is alleged to have changed course shortly before contact with the control tower was lost.


Per quanto riguarda la seconda domanda, la Commissione ricorda all’onorevole deputato che il regolamento UE n. What measures are being taken by the Member State to protect the health of the people living near these abandoned mines? Does it think the legislation should cover in more depth the question of responsibility when certain air routes are subcontracted to associated companies?

Civil society representatives bane asked the ministry to release the report, but have had no response and quaxro therefore unable to gain access to the information it contains.

Quadro band sve ove godine, the ATT mandates States Parties to assess inter alia the risk of diversion, and where relevant to take mitigation measures, before possibly approving an arms bband. In addition, it is proposed that from substantial support for nutrition will be integrated in rural development.

Does it have any grounds for fearing for the security of Member States bordering the Russian Federation?

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The online database of the currently has 8 completed and 21 active commitments on food reformulation. So far, the Government of Sudan has not honoured its repeated announcements of an inclusive national dialogue that would strengthen national unity and promote democratic governance.

There is no specific EU legislation protecting persons living on caravan sites or regulating tenure periods for caravan owners and related costs and charges. In view of all the godie, quadro band sve ove godine is difficult to understand why the ban on sailing and fishing in the area has not been lifted, since only a small part of the APAA is actually being used for the purpose for which it was created.