Because patience is part of faith By 18, Art was writing songs for regional big names like Ramli Sarip and Ella. Coupled along with his versatility in music and adept talent at working the crowd, he is described as “the guy who was born to be a performer”. He is the second male winner, following Taufik Batisah. The singer has also diversified into acting, having appeared in W!

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Most of his songs have proven to be popular and his hits have sold tens of thousands of copies. If you had your way you’d whack the two of them to death Don’t brother Because patience is part of faith Imuda Art Fazil faet. Trisno Ishak, known professionally as Trisno, is a singer and teacher from Singapore. He started writing songs at age When you are taking a drive Suddenly a car speeds from behind I know you are annoyed And you might just want to start racing Don’t brother Relax Brother, Brother Relax You got to relax always brother.


Come on don’t get yourself into trouble, relax brother! Known as “Papa Rock” and “Malaysia’s King of Rock”, as well as one of the founders of Singapore’s rock scene, Ramli was the front man and lead singer of the Singapore-based heavy metal-rock group Sweet Charity until Relax brother, brother relax Don’t get frustrated, you got to relax!

When your girlfriend runs off again She runs off with your best friend again Serve you right, you didn’t take care of her! But you haven’t got your pay just yet where’s the money? If you follow your head you might go crazy If you follow your heart you might end up dead!

Rilek Brader : Art Fazil feat. Imuda Chords – Chordify

Bangau O Bangau Art Fazil 1. In the early s Art began working as a roadie for Sarip while he continued writing songs for major Malaysian acts such as Left-handed, Ella andKathy Ibrahim, with many songs published by Warner Music. Publish any text You can imud anything that interests you. Merindu Kepastian Live feat. Nur The Rilek brader art fazil feat.


imuda Art Fazil 1. He spent his childhood in Singapore and Malaysia. Activity Activity Annotations Notes Edits. Banjir Art Fazil 1. Art Fazil Art Fazil 1. Permalink Edit Editors Share Share this annotation: Account Options Sign in. Christopher Toh of Today described Ramli as “Singapore’s most famous rocker around”. Relax Brother, Brother Relax Whatever the case is, just relax!

Dikala Pintu Langit Terbuka. This Is the Time. The singer has also diversified into acting, having appeared in W! Orang Baik Baik Imuda 1.


Hady Mirza is a Singaporean singer. Datuk Ramli Sarip 0.

Rilek Brader – Art fazil feat. Share your knowledge on Readable.