Thank you for your attention If you have any questions, you can ask in that topic. Enter the boot folder. The problem is, that when I run ‘jjpatcher’ I got the error: Wait until the FAR manager will finish uploading patches into your phone. On the main screen of FAR manager click on “n” letter marked red on the image: When you will find correct patches, just drag and drop or copy them into the left window. Please log in to reply.

sefp2 plugin

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When you will see the list of patches in your phone, just ppugin unwanted and press delete button or F8. I did exactlly as you wrote but I cant find th jab file in “Others”.

Posted 12 October – Close your far, 2. Is there anyway to pull out the jab from the FS? Follow the instructions, showed on that image.

FAR Manager plugin – SEFP2 – FS access to DB!

In the right window find a folder with patches you want apply. Every time you turn off your phone and turn it on again you have to start jjpatcher application if you want your phone to be patched.


sefp2 plugin

Just repeat steps. Tutorial written for Sony.

sefp2 plugin

Then click on two dots and exit the phone file system. Search Advanced Search section: Move jjpatcher to phone memory it can’t be on memory card. Just read the omnius tutorial in our Tutorials section.

FAR – How to patch permanently A2-based phones

Copy it on your computer. Click on connect button. When you will find correct swfp2, just drag and drop or copy them into the left window.

That patching method is not stable and some patches may not work. I wanted to patch it with the method described above and till the last point of this tutorial it works fine.

Turn on your phone. Thank you for your attention If you have any questions, you can ask llugin that topic. Second method – just reflash main mbn file of your phone – it will remove all installed patches. Make sure, that patches has vkp extension and are created for your phone model and firmware.

FAR – How to patch permanently A2-based phones – Tutorials – – International Sony Forum

Turn on your mobile phone. How to remove installed patches? Search Advanced Search section: Enter the boot folder. If you olugin to delete patches, just delete them from the patches folder or turn off jjpatcher application.


Drag and drop that file on program bpatch, which you can find in the package in poin 1. Posted 25 September – You can upgrade your firmware with SEUS Yeah, I tried that and it works, but the other problem what I forgot to mention is that I want to remove branded firmware from this phone. Please log in to reply. Posted 01 November – On the memory card in folder “other” create folder “patches” and add there patches designed for your phone and firmware.

Run far and try to copy files from phone Should work.