Were it not for our Father’s affection of your bastard son, I’d have tossed that piglet into the Tiber at birth. Don’t let envy rule your heart. May God be with you. The people must understand that no one is at liberty to impugn the office of the papacy. The issue of such a union would produce a demon to devour the world And me. We would see a betrothal today! Man 7 Protect us!

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Coughs Laughs The borgias s02e09 usual Exclaims in pain You have nothing to say. Believe me, this man will not break. Cesare travels to Florence to give him one last chance to present himself to the Pope but to no avail. That is what Savonarola promises. An orphanage will bear your name. It comes from our vineyards in Spain, Valencia. Two brothers in harmony, walking together. But, Your Holiness, the bells ring. He trades in the fear of hell.


Is that not so? Yes, because you would marry a pauper with a paint brush. No, no, no, wine. Greater love hath no man.

He had an audience with His Holiness, the Pope. I would happily kill tonight. She is a witch. I will gladly die to preserve the life of His Holiness, secure in the knowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ borgiass behind me and His light shines borgkas the borgias s02e09.

We just drink water. For you will end your life in a clerical skirt. So where is he now? For the good of the family. Chuckles Nothing to fear.

“The Borgias” World of Wonders subtitles English | opensubt

My father discarded you long ago. Here is a different kind of bonfire. He is being hauled to Rome as we speak. I wish to marry your daughter. Man 6 Burn in hell! So why bring him to The borgias s02e09 Christ, the Redeemer is risen. How can this Savonarola rob them of all this, and yet still have them clinging to his every thr


The Borgias s02e09 Episode Script

Will love make him a better man? Where would you put the body?

Would it not have been prudent to inquire before you apprehended us in this manner? Rodrigo Do you know what is more poisonous than failure? Borgas knows what might rub off on you. Vanozza Cattaneo Lotte Verbeek One day you’ll realise that everything I’ve done has been for your own good.