ISBN set set v. Selected pages Page 5. Giardi PloS one Automated monitoring and analysis of circadian phototaxis rhythms Improved automated monitoring and new analysis algorithm of circadian phototaxis rhythms in Chlamydomonas Christa Gaskill , Jennifer Forbes-Stovall , Bruce Kessler , Mike Young , Claire A. Stern Transition metal nutrition:

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Wilson The Science of the total environment ISBN set set v.

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It provides broad perspective with for studies in cell and molecular chpamydomonas, genetics, plant physiology and related fields. Neutral lipid accumulation at elevated temperature in conditional mutants of two microalgae species.

Keywords Keywords Author Title Subjects. Thus, this volume will be an essential source for all students and researchers interested in cell motility. Keyboard Shortcuts Close Available anywhere? Dual functions of the nucleus-encoded factor TDA1 in tye and translation activation of atpA transcripts in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplasts.

Account Options Sign in. Rochaix The Plant cell Contributor Harris, Elizabeth H. Additions to this volume also include help with common laboratory problems such as contamination, student demonstrations, tge properties of particular strains and mutants.

RinehartSigrid Jacobshagen Nielsen Book Data This second volume the chlamydomonas sourcebook “The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook” provides the background and techniques for using this important organism in plant research. Summary The green alga Chlamydomonas is widely used as an experimental model system for studies in cellular and molecular biology, and in particular plant molecular biology. This book features an expanded revision of gold standard reference.


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The Chlamydomonas sourcebook in SearchWorks catalog

Methods for Chlamydomonas research and best practices for applications in research, including methods for culture, preservation of cultures, preparation of media, lists of inhibitors and other additives to culture media, are included. Nielsen Book Data Dr. Her previous version of the “Chlamydomonas Sourcebook” which published in has been a the chlamydomonas sourcebook in the field, and considered required reading for anyone working with this organism.

This revised three-volume set which includes the “Sourcebook”, “Chlamydomonas Metabolic Processes”, and “Chlamydomonas Motility and Taxis Responses” provides the most comprehensive reference for this important research organism. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. Her previous version of the Chlamydomonas Sourcebook which published inhas been a classic in the field and is considered required reading for anyone working with this organism. Click to view More Laboratory manuals Electronic books.


In recent years it has also proved to be an outstanding model for investigation of signal transduction, rhodopsin-based vision, and the evolution of sexual processes. The reference retains historical material, culture methods and some illustrations from the original book while adding molecular techniques, analysis of the recently sequenced genome, and reviews of the current status of the diverse fields in which Chlamydomonas the chlamydomonas sourcebook used as a model organism.

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Chlamydomonas — Laboratory manuals. Harris has played a major role in the development of this organism as a model system. Content Types A limited number of items are shown.

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Index to Chlamydomonas species other than C reinhardtii. Introduction to Chlamydomonas and its laboratory use. Academic PressMar 7, – Science – pages. Selected pages Page 5.