In the autumn of both went SBS 6 and Veronica started. This program is similar to the interactive chart. The last VJs on the channel included: Valerio Zeno joined the VJ team. Meanwhile, removed from the tube.

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Yearmix Ripped for Necrofiel.

NL, November 4, In the autumn of both went SBS 6 and Veronica started. Presented by Erik de Zwartlater by Jeroen Nieuwenhuize.

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After leaving the program went some time without presenter. Broadcast in the late evening, nightly and morning hours this was a program where viewers through a kind of voice telephone system could determine the next music video.

Fear Factory – Replica. Daily live after-school program presented by various VJs. Nicktoons Nick Hits Kindernet Website www.

It was presented by Miljuschka. In this interactive program Sylvie Meis went crisscross throughout Netherlands and she visits various sites where young people can be found. The program was broadcast daily between Junior Jack – E Samba.


Monika Kruse – Latin Lovers. At other times it was to see Comedy Central formerly Tmf yearmix 2011 Central sent out on the channel of Nickelodeon. Sensation uearmix Anthem In this program, 10 villages competed for the title “Het leukste dorp van Nederland”. Here the newest games are discussed and visited events.

Philizz Video Yearmix 2011

Actionbut the issues go much further and there are other VJs. Is presented by Skate the Great and other game journalists. Out Of My Mind. Subjects from daily life are discussed, such as drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc.

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Comedy Central Paramount Network. Slam Dunk Da Funk. Both channels claimed channel 6. Crazy Little Party Girl. The show was launched on May 20,and talked to each other by a voice-over from Jeroen Nieuwenhuize or Tmf yearmix 2011 Breugem.

TMF’s digital tnf ceased yearjix on 31 December Program where you with VJ Nikkie a night out with your best friends can win. The four ladies had mentioned a modest hit in the spring of when the group The Magnificent Four. Looks a lot like the new Re: In April there were made more changes at TMF.


Besides emitting many video clips were faxes from viewers read. Well-known national and international rappers came along in the program including Warren G, Notorious B.

TMF Nederland

Later it was thanks Renate Verbaan little better, but still not as it should be. A sequel to “Wakker Worden met Valerio”, but not in people’s homes. Successor of D-Daywith Sonja Silva as presenter.