Views Read Edit View history. For as long as connoisseurs love the Carnatic flute, the name of T R Mahalingam aka Mali will remain immortal! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The teacher said he would make for a better flautist and the father finally agreed, albeit very reluctantly. This weekend, Mali would have turned ninety years old. The only great name of flute in that era as that of Palladam Sanjeeva Rao.

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Remembering Mali, the greatest flautist that ever lived

After the first piece in the concert, Rao stormed out of the place without any rhyme or reason. He was a legend who blossomed early, achieved what he had to early and left the world early.

For a little Mali to make such a giant of a stalwart musician feel jealous was one of the first sign of success. Mali also enjoyed challenging his accompanists with difficult musical progressions, and tricking them into making mistakes.

It only seemed to make him more eccentric. Skip to main content. He tr mahalingam flute the power to grasp and reproduce any music through his flute if he heard it once.

Remembering Mali, the greatest flautist that ever lived. In performance, Mali would sometimes leave off halfway through an idea, or play the same piece repeatedly, or simply breathe into the flute occasionally. Before Mali, the style of flute playing was called Sarabha Sastri style, popularised by Sarabha Sastri’s disciple, Palladam Sanjiva Raoand did not have any gamakas and involved playing the flute in discrete bursts.


Tiruvidaimarudur Ramaswamy Mahalingam 6 November — 31 May affectionately known as Maliwas a flautist who tr mahalingam flute the style of flute-playing in Carnatic music. His concert was held at the Rasika Ranjani Sabha in Mylapore. However he encouraged the kid to continue music and even accompanied him in several local concerts by playing the Khanjira!

Mali was only fifty-six years old! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Many of them predicted this little kid was one day going to rule the world with his flute.

T R Mahalingam Flute –

For the first time in Mali began to display his eccentricity. Also, unlike others before him, Mali drilled eight holes in the flute. Whatever one might make of these claims, no one boiled down to what mahallngam exact health problem was.

Mali soon became a child prodigy to reckon with.

Remembering Mali, the greatest flautist that ever lived | The News Minute

The world clute Carnatic music was crammed with great stalwarts of that era. Flute music changed forever after the genius of Mali dominated the scene for several decades before his untimely demise. However, it was Palghat Mani Iyer tg pairing with Mali became the most well known. It was also hard to persuade well-known musicians to tr mahalingam flute him. The teacher said he would make for a better flautist and the father finally agreed, albeit very reluctantly.


After moving to Bangalore inhe went to seclusion inplaying very infrequently. He made his flute reeds thicker and the holes smaller- producing a warm, rich tone. The family later settled in Trichy.

T R Mahalingam Flute – 1960

After this successful debut, his father put him on a tr mahalingam flute touring and performing schedule, leading to resentment on the boy’s part. In 20th century, Carnatic instrumental music has certain landmarks to assess its growth. The one name that stands out when you mention flute is Mali. Mali mentioned many times that he did not care for any praise or rt for his music, ideals that he upheld to the very end.

His first concert was in at the Thyagaraja festival in Mzhalingamat the age of seven. Mahalingam had breath control that enabled him to blow any single note over 40 seconds.