Pradeep 5 years ago. While FreeArc compresses well, only a few programs can extract this experimental format. Thank you very much for this nice tests and article. But even though I use 7Zip quite a lot, it takes time to get used to it, so I often recommend my friends B1 Free Archiver because of its interface. Click to load comments. I too like 7zips more than other softwear to zip and unzip. The corporate bloat starts at their installers already.

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PeaZip is easy to use and very fast uharc archiver software. While FreeArc compresses well, only a few programs can extract this experimental format. Hey Ray Thanks for your post …. It almost put me off of IZArc, after all these years. Free Max Compression used: Needless to uhacr, the extraction uharc archiver is as dull as the packing operation, severely lacking vital arrchiver.

Doing this in windows 7, I downloaded the files and the put 3 together in a folder on my desktop…. You can choose from several compression modes, whether to apply a password or not, the archiver version as well as multiple instances or WinZip -enabled extraction routine.

UHARC/GUI – Powerful file archiver with highest compression rate

So when you compress it, it reduces ridiculously in size. Thanks for the throughout article.


Thomas T 6 years ago. Bandizip also does not offer file name encryption for 7z.

Download UHARC GUI

Have high hopes for 7z, uharc archiver to look out for is Freearc which seems to be making waves recently. ALZip used to be shareware but has been made available to use for free by the developer, the product key is shown on their website when you download the program.

I know it opens a whole lot of formats; and compresses a bunch, too. Aron 5 years ago. This bug was present in v12 too, but not in v13, uhwrc it! It does not sport any new uharc archiver and, at the same time, makes use of older algorithms and a barely acceptable framework.

Jul 31st, Freeware. The actual process of archive creation is a bit inconsistent as it does not feature any progress bar or completion time estimation. You archjver get information regarding its number of files, compression and ratio as well as the possibility to verify the files before you extract them. A software solution to make UHARC accessible to users of all experience by providing a friendly graphical interface and powerful compression.

As its performance and compression rates are indeed remarkable, the archiver received, through the years, a number of friendly graphical user interfaces that make it easier for users of any IT level to benefit from all the goods that UHARC has to offer.

Then open it and try to edit, rename, or delete the file. After trying most of the freeware you tested, I settled on FreeArc for uharc archiver couple reasons: No thanks Submit review. PeaZip is better option for alternative for winzip. Joseph Chan 1 year ago. I think Haozip is the best free one. Optimal settings which strike a balance will differ with each user because I might prefer a bit uharc archiver compression over speed, you might prefer a bit more speed over compression, so there is no real definitive best compromise that suites everybody.


For more serious compression needs, uhaarc archiver software that can handle ZIP or uharc archiver better formats may be required. Finally we ran a quick test to see if each archiver can successfully open the Mozilla Firefox omni. Something quite useful is an archive preview option in the context uharc archiver and the option to de compress multiple archives at once via right click.

WinRAR has the most user friendly and accurate design. The second set of results arcuiver when using uharc archiver best compression format the archiver has to offer.