Well I’ve downloaded and installed the Content browser but I kep getting an error that says ” The application Content Browser quit unexpectedly after is was relaunched “. There’s good reason for the confusion, not least of all the name Link FAM driver has not been changed. Instead, right click the clip you want and choose the “Register for Final Cut Pro” option. Maybe you won’t have the same issue. This update adds the following video codecs needed by certain Sony products for use by QuickTime-based applications: Are you running it on one of the supported operating systems that are advised in the readme file?

xdcam transfer 2.12

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Also the playback of an MP4 file trasfer not be performed properly. This License grants you the following rights: No license will be granted or shall be implied for any other use. I hear you John! The ” new age ” technology manas soon as an “old fart ” as Lensmith mentioned starts getting comfortable with the technologythey go and change it all over again.

Ttransfer camera will be the EX3. BTW en onder voorbehoud van fouten. See for more information.

xdcam transfer 2.12

Author 22.12 something about yourself. John, If the “legacy” software as Sony calls the older programs continue to work for you, then there is no reason you have to upgrade yet. Problem turned out that I had not loaded the FAM driver – it’s situated further down on the software list on the website.


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Home About Press Contact. Do you know the saying in Belgium, “Don’t fix it, if it ain’t broke. Robin, Thanks for your experience. The only problem I encountered was with my PDW camera using the disks. It is not possible to export in odd number of frames.

Merry Xmas to all. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I know “Transfer” and “Browser” are outdated but Any chance you could help me understand what is best for my situation? Last version was 2. Of course we know this saying in Belgium too.

Free Xdcam Transfer – download for Mac

I downloaded the browser – version 1. Release notes Voor zover bekend worden onderstaand de releasenotes van de verschillende versies weergegeven: Maybe I’ll just try to install it on my Mac too, to see what it does. But I didn’t do the right clip thang There’s really no reason NOT to upgrade unless your computer doesn’t meet the specifications of the software.


Tips Download in principe altijd de meest recente versie tenzij je echt een oudere versie nodig hebt. I also prefer the new interface and the convenience of having the functions of mutiple transer rolled into one program. I rented it the day before, and read up that you need the FCP XD plugin, so went to the site and it’s currently under maintenance.

Just upgraded to a new PC so I can run Edius 6. I’ll be the first to admit that any Sony software can be a real bitch sometimes to get working, but once you get over that hurdle it usually smooth sailing. Im a fellow Old fart and relatively new to the tail chasing game too.

xdcam transfer 2.12

Bekijk alle 71 merken. D But as you are an early adaptor of many new technologies, I thought you maybe had some experience with it on an older Mac OS.

xdcam transfer 2.12

I think the problem in the future will be finding the legacy downloads for my “antique”.