Program development is in an early stage, a number of functions are still to be added and some bugs may occur not recommended for regular use yet , but nevertheless a great project, which definitely would be worth to be continued. OVL file on the disk, required for proper installation. An innovative new approach to a graphical tree display interface, while supplying all the well-known XTreeGold commands and keystrokes. This is the first and only so far Shareware clone of the XTree for Windows versions! But anyway this is an unique hybrid clone attempt and definitely worth testing. What I want to mention here as real XTree-CLONEs are on the contrary only those applications, which are modeled closely on the typical XTree appearance or at least use most of XTreeGold’s hotkeys and allow you to perform tasks with an arbitrary selection of tagged files: By , XTree had sold over 3 million copies and was released in over a half-dozen languages.

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Furthermore, since version 3.

FileMaster is a file manager modeled very closely to XTreeGold. Some of them are common to XTree conventions, some of them are utree specific.

Not enough, it’s Free Software and Open Source since release xtree gold. ByXTree had sold over 3 million copies and was released in over a half-dozen languages.


This will solve similar problems with Maynard’s workstation backup TSR. Support for splitting and combining files.

It will not operate on earlier versions of XTreeNet. Large files over 4GB supported. It will provide you with powerful file management tools including zipping, file comparison, and folder synchronization. Though a bit circumstantial with some commands, utree is nevertheless a clever tool for Unix environments, offering a number of easy-to-access functions rarely found in other file managers.

There is a vast number of file managers around that claim to be “XTree-like”, but, in fact, most of them are, strictly speaking, either Norton Xtree gold clones or have very little to do with the original XTree handling.

Just for xtree gold, not for everyday use. It provides exactly the same screen, user interface and hotkeys as the former. So the maximum of 2, files and directories XTree 2 is able to log were absolutely sufficient theses days, however, you definitely won’t be able to log any of today’s hard disks with such limitations!!

On the other hand, most of the commands and hotkeys are derived from XTree. Registry editor for browsing, viewing, and editing of your Windows Registry. ESI and first released on 1 Apriland became highly popular. Spanish language version also available as an option. Please also refer to the corresponding “Clones”-entry. xtree gold


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xtree gold Freeware by Guruka Singh Khalsa. Can be considered for serious usage on a DOS, Win 3. Renames directories that were named only by extension “. Freeware by Martin Amelsberg and Michael Weber c XTP overlay provides Zip 2. The configuration routine just looks for a file named “xtg. So unfortunately it seems the project died before it ever came into being Allows file extraction of PK Zip 2.

Altap Salamander

On cables that can be used with Xyree. See also the corresponding “Clones”-entry. Quick search is really quick: Are you looking xtree gold alternative for XTree Gold file manager?

Moreover, the user interface offers a close “XTree-feeling”, which other clones often lack. Work had begun on XTree in December Sophisticated file resync mechanism, capable of comparing very large files. A tree-like view of the directory structure as the name suggestsand a separate file view mode, allowing the tagging, sorting and handling of files by certain criteria.